Xenoblade Chronicles X Famitsu review translated

This week’s issue of Famitsu has one of the first reviews for Xenoblade Chronicles X. Among four editors, the RPG earned scores of 9, 9, 8, and 8.

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Big_Game_Hunters1394d ago

"Too many cutscenes in a jrpg" lol gets me every time. Still a good score regardless. I expect 8s from a lot of sites with similar complaints about cutscenes and getting confused about the gameplay.

3-4-51393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )

* Cutscenes in a good RPG = awesome

* Cutscenes in a bad RPG = less awesome.

This games seems good, I would assume the cutscenes then would add to the game.

Seems like this person just doesn't like them, but I'm looking forward to them, as they help progress the story in a different way.

* It's nice to sit back and relax for 5 minutes while a video plays and you learn some back story.

* If the story is interesting a nice long cutscene can really add to the overall lore of the world they are building.

It's like getting a game + mini movie in one.

Xof1393d ago

More =/= better. That mentality should have died off in the PS2 generation.

The criticism more than likely is about the game's pacing being uneven and given to long bouts of idle movie-viewing... which is entirely valid. For any genre, JRPG or no.

roboshort1393d ago

Dengeki gave the game a great review.. It's best not to put too much weight on Famitsu's. They tend to be pro Square-Enix. There is probably a reason fro this. You see a lot of Square Enix adverts on their webpage, but none for Xenoblade. Even games like Lightning Returns get a 93. Dragon Quest Heroes for the PS4 also got a score over 90, I think. It's hard for me to believe that those are better games than this. Maybe they are, but I doubt it.. I will find out this week.

wonderfulmonkeyman1393d ago

You're getting the Japanese version?
If you do, please do a Let's Play!

AsheXII1393d ago

The complaint was actually about the length of the cut-scenes, which were too long and broke the pacing of the narrative. A perfectly valid complaint.

DryBoneKoopa851393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )

I don't see how that is a valid complaint. Sure our first time through the scenes may be lengthy but as seen from the latest Tree House event those scenes can be skipped if you don't feel like watching them.

I would see it as a valid complaint if you couldn't skip them because then your being forced to watch them over and over even though you already know what happens.

Mykky1393d ago

If the cutscenes ruins the pacing of the narrative it is a valid complaint. The reviewer might have meant that the player's experience of the game would have been better if some of the cutscenes were shorter. Though I might disagree myself once I have played the game , but it is a perfectly valid complaint if the reviewer felt that way. It is a subjective matter as with all complaints, so saying it is invalid would be wrong.

DryBoneKoopa851393d ago

@Mykky: I'm not looking at this with the idea of being right or wrong. I'm just saying "I" personally don't see that as a valid complaint. Most or about 80% of JRPG games have lengthy story driven scenes. Final Fantasy has had some very lengthy scenes. Ni No Kuni had some scenes that could last up to about 10 minutes a piece. Dragon Quest 8 on the PS2 had lengthy scenes.

You never saw anyone complain about lengthy scenes in a JRPG and then dock points for it. I once again "personally" just don't see that as a valid reason. Unless were talking like 20 minute scenes here. Then Xenoblade Chronicles X takes the cake on the longest story driven scenes in any game.

Overwhelming1393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )

It's valid, if we have to stare at those ugly and expressionless faces for too long at a time.

But seriously, a good game is a game in the first place, it shouldn't rely too much in exposition.

If the alternative to endure too long cutscenes is to skip them and miss the story, that's not really a choice, isn't it?

Edit: I'm saying this, but it all depends on the story. I didn't mind the many cutscenes in Xenosaga 1 and 3. But I was much younger then, with more free and responsability-free time.

AsheXII1393d ago

If a gamer feels the need to skip the cinematic of a game it means that game is not doing a great job with its narrative delivery. This was an issue with Xenogears for example.

And then you compare it to the much more well paced Xenoblade Chronicles and you can see how it should be done. If a game needs to have a long cut-scene to deliver its story, then it failed at its storytelling mechanism.

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Neonridr1393d ago

but Metal Gear games are never guilty of that right? :P

dericb111393d ago

Sadly most reviewers are trying to finish enough of the game to post a review (I'm pointing out the fact that they aren't even trying to finish the game). So of course silly complaints like this come up. Reviewers need to enjoy the experience but they don't because they are looking forward to the next game they would blaze passed and call it a review.

Big_Game_Hunters1393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )

The problem is 90% of videogame reviewers have a teenager's understanding of naritive complexity. Plus Cutscenes being too long isn't something that breaks the pacing of a story. Its not a movie where every scene is back to back. Especially in an openworld game where there will be significant gameplay between story, Single cutscenes being too long can't break a stories pacing.

If a book needs to be long to deliver its story then it failed at its story telling mechanism?
If a Movie needs to be long to deliver its story then it failed at its story telling mechanism?

Hey i watched schindler's list the other day with my kid sister, she got bored because it was too long and there was too much talking. I guess thats what happens when your attention span hasn't matured yet.

And for people complaining about not having a lot of time. Thats unfortunate but not everyone is like you and developers aren't here to cater to people just because they don't have time to play games. This game is meant to be a long adventure and if you don't have time to enjoy it that's on you and no one else.

Griever1393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )

A Nintendo fan defending story, narrative and lengthy cutscenes?? That is a surprise. I have inquired Nintendo fans about games with stories on the Wii U since Nintendo games rarely feature a decent story and I have often been told by them that games are meant for playing and if you want a story then go watch a movie or read a book.

Big_Game_Hunters1393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )

@greiver Games are meant for playing. That doesn't mean they can't have great stories as well, but not without great gameplay. Ive said plenty of times myslf that if ALL you want is story go watch a movie or read a book.

TechnoSphere1393d ago

A good amount of games have very convoluted storylines.
They arent that complex,just badly/hilariously told.
Nothing to do with the reviewer.

Yes cutscenes break the pacing,it's still a game and with modern tech more should be told through player agency.

Griever1393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )

Okay... that is a very confusing statement. So do you care about games having stories or not? If you DO care then how do you see all the Nintendo exclusives that rarely feature a story? Will you consider them lacking in terms of a great story? If you DO NOT care about story then why are you defending the lengthy story and cut-scenes in X?? Wouldnt it be a better game with a rudimentary plot and just great gameplay as in the case of other Nintendo exclusives? A major contradiction there; you cant have it both ways.

Big_Game_Hunters1390d ago

@griever, So you are only allowed to either like games with stories or games without stories, not both? lol just stop.

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Magicite1393d ago

Just like in The Order 1886?

roboshort1393d ago

Famitsu is a business largely driven by ad revenue. Nintendo did not advertise Xenoblade to increase that revenue so you should take their complaints with a grain of salt. Scores tend to partially be driven by those factors. By giving Xenoblade a lower score than RPGs that are more than likely inferior, Famitsu indirectly threatens Nintendo into putting more ads in their magazine.

wonderfulmonkeyman1393d ago

Considering all the side stuff to do in the game between missions, I find it hard to believe that the cut scenes were enough to break the sense of pacing unless someone on the review team was rushing through it...

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higgins781393d ago

Disappointed (slightly) regarding the cut scenes being too long - something which for me has killed good games in the past, however, this is the opinion of one publication.

andresegr1393d ago

Can we stop the GOTY nonsense from this game now that the reviews are out? There is no way in hell that this game comes close to a GOTY award.

Big_Game_Hunters1393d ago

one 8.5 review automatically removes it as a contendor for GOTY? But you are right that Video game websites won't give this GOTY. The game will be too complex and long for them. The game's story will confuse them and they will call it "too convoluted" because thinking is too hard . GOTY is a popularity contest for most big websites as well so a wiiu game has a far lower chance of winning.

Spotie1393d ago

Since it's fairly clear you haven't played it yet, and this is just ONE review, how can you make that claim one way or another?

andresegr1393d ago

There are several reviews on the wild, all of them range from 8 to 8.5, which isn't enough to earn a GOTY award, much less >this< year with games like:

- The Witcher 3
- Batman Arkham Knight
- Bloodborne

gameboy11393d ago

Other western previews say the game is amazing and wonderous ect so expect 10's off quite alot of reviewers every video game that's had 10's across the board has had quite a few 8's and 8.5's so let's wait for all reviews.

themonado1393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )

You mean just one single review? Good grief, dude.

Spotie1393d ago

Interesting that I can't find any other reviews yet. Not on Metacritic, not Google. The Famitsu score is the only one that comes up.

Besides, every GOTY ever has gotten some scores that weren't 9+. One or even a handful of scores indicates nothing.

Care to try again?

roboshort1393d ago

Dengeki gave it a great review. No score, though.

marloc_x1393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )

No PS4!?


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