PS4 Gets Custom Resident Evil and Samurai Warriors HDD Bay Covers in Black and White in Japan

Sony Computer Entertainment just announced that new custom PS4 HDD bay covers are now available on the Japanese Sony web store.

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Concertoine2891d ago

These face plates are gonna be collectible later, i'd kill for the resident evil one!

Not a lot of people know but the original 360 model actually had exchangeable faceplates.

magiciandude2891d ago

I really hate the gold silk screening on the black variants. Wish they are more distinct.

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Majin-vegeta2891d ago

I want that Mitsunari&Yukimara face plate!!!!

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MasterCornholio2890d ago

The heck?

I want custom faceplates for my PS4.


RealFry2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

Given that the U.S is a much bigger market, im surprised they haven't thought to offer us some of these faceplates, they are seriously missing some easy dough.


man, all of those actually look...great lol.
tasteful and not too gamer-y at all. just the right amount of customization without overdoing it.

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