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Why Steam’s new paid mods is a bad idea

Why Steam new approach towards paid modings can be troublesome for the industry.

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Community1363d ago
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trywizardo1363d ago

paid mods = next gen DLCs xD
but they're exclusive to PC :v

morganfell1363d ago (Edited 1363d ago )

The real danger is people do not see where this is going. Amazing that people are being so blind.

Mods can still be free? Not for long. The publishers will see to that. It is only a matter of time before some companies choose mandatory mod payments. Publishers now are smelling mod revenue. Nothing is going to stop them if they choose to pursue it. Valve opened the door to a procedure that will end free mods as we know them and those that are free will be branded as piracy. Anyone supporting this move is demonstrating a serious lack of foresight.

Only companies like Tripwire will have products that for now avoid the inevitable.

mikeslemonade1363d ago

Steam should have a premium service like Gold or PS Plus. Give us a free games program and that's worth the admission.

Now I wouldn't want UPlay or Origin to do that unless they got really compelling free games.

Infinity_Rasta1363d ago (Edited 1363d ago )

No they should not? Are you an idiot or what is wrong with you? Do you really want to throw out your money, and dont know what you get in return? Its the most stupid idea i ever heard, its like going to a fine resturant, where they will give you a mcD burger when you order lobster. Either you paid to comment like that, or something is wrong with you.
Why they hell would i need to pay to play online? Only retarded people pay for free things.

Rearden1363d ago

The biggest issue I have with this is that modders only get 25%. Why would you sell your mod if you're getting such an awful deal? Developers are paid 75% of their game price on Steam, modders get the opposite.

Psychotica1363d ago

I wonder how different that percentage is from game developers and publishers?

Reefskye1363d ago

Modders are paid 25%, steams take 75% but gives the modders the option to use part of steams 75% and give it to Bethesda or Skyrim nexus or any part of the community that provides a service/tools that have helped people make the mods. A massive post on nexus about it I suggest most go and read it.

Nio-Nai1363d ago (Edited 1363d ago )

valve does not take 75%, stop spreading this complete lie.

valve takes 30% to cover server costs, and advertising and some to pocket for gain, Bethesda get's 45%...

You want to be mad at anyone get pissed at Bethesda, I wouldn't be surprised if Valve originally was going to give more to the creators but were not able to due to bethesda.

Infinity_Rasta1363d ago

@Nio-Nai. funny that is 75% you retard, it does mot matter where it completly goes, what matter is 75% is gone, your control over the mod is gone, and 30% for server cost? you relly don't know much about servers and what they cost to run for companies like valve.

Reefskye1363d ago (Edited 1363d ago )

I was not mad or spreading lies, No where in my post does it say valve keeps that % they take that and give parts of it to others.

TedCruzsTaint1363d ago (Edited 1363d ago )

Beforehand, it was nothing but doing it for free, or hoping you can make anything through Patreon.
Chances are, they will make more through this than the prior.
Is it a great deal? No, it's not. But they are also making money adding onto someone else's existing work, and of course the developer/publisher, as well as the storefront (Steam), are going to want a cut.

Personally, I would like to see a 50/50, with half going to the modders, and the other half going towards whatever deal Valve made with the game creators.
Even a split into thirds would be fair.

But what can you do?

xander707691363d ago

I don't know how many times this needs to be rehashed but there are so, so many issues with this. It was implemented so incredibly poorly, it's actually amazing how badly it is implemented. But even if they fix the myriad of problems with this implementation, I'm not sure there's an end-game that will work out for monetizing mods...their very nature is one that is experimental and altruistic.

eldingo1363d ago

Valve has done goofed with their implementation of the mod store this is not the way to do it and pc gamers won't stand for it i get where people are coming from but this shit is bad bad bad i took a look at the modding community on the steam forums for skyrim and it is a clusterfuck of people accusing each other of so many things when just a few days ago it was one of the most tightly knit groups on steam this mod store is bad the shitstorm this has created is not worth it has to go valve is messing with something that can really blow up in their face they can get away with the steam greenlight and early access crap because they made that stuff but with modding they have caused perhaps irreparable damage to their respective modding communites with more games to be subject to this in the future i can only look at this mod store at the moment as a cancer to the pc gaming community and as far as i see it this will not stand and has to go immediatly.

morganfell1363d ago

I have 3 letters for Valve - GOG.

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