Console Players Deserve PC-Style Graphics Settings, Project Cars Dev Says

"Console owners should have just as much right to tailor their game to their particular preferences as PC players," Tudor says.

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XboxDD1397d ago

Hear, hear. It would be nice if we had the option of choosing between higher framerate and lower resolution, or higer resolution and lower framerate.

mikeslemonade1397d ago

I disagree. That option should be separate.

Console is all about plug and play. Gamers should just trust that the developer picked the optimal settings.

-shoryuken-1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

While you are right that console games are all about plug and play, I see no reason not to have a great option like this. It's not like gamers would be expected to optimize, the default setting should be the developers recommended setting. For me I see a huge difference in 60fps and 30fps and would rather have a higher fps then resolution, for some other folks they might prefer higher resolution and lower fps. Bioshock was the first console game where I have seen an option to lock the 30fps or not, I chose to have an unlocked fps as the experience was smoother, although there was some screen tearing. I would love for setting as these to be available on consoles. Once again, this would be an optional thing that you can mess with if you decide so and are not required to... can't go wrong with that.

Forbidden_Darkness1396d ago

You are aware that you can still plug and play, while giving console gamers option to change the options to suite what they would rather use? Some people prefer the highest possible framerate options, while others prefer higher resolution. Giving gamers (regardless of platform) the option to change it to their preferred settings is good for gaming in general.

I would like to see console games have FOV options as well (like Warframe and acouple other PS4 games have).

NeoGamer2321396d ago

The developer should choose defaults so that you can get the plug and play experience.

But, not offering gamers the ability to go into menus and change it makes no sense whatsoever. Choice should be available. And you should be able to choose whether you use it or not.

Especially, now that it seems that the majority of people are resolution over frame rate fanatics. There is a large minority that would often prefer frame rate over resolution. Why not give them the choice?

kneon1396d ago


There is a reason why such options aren't normally available on consoles. With consoles the developers have a fixed known target which allows them to optimize the game much more than on PC. Adding optionality to the graphics settings complicates things quite a bit and isn't likely worth in most cases.

GordonKnight1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )


Just like the majority preferred the Wii over the 360 & PS3. You just have to deal with it. The mainstream gamers and publishers are ruining what is truly important to gaming. A fun experience that make you leave reality while playing.

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Palitera1396d ago

I would lower graphics quality in almost any recent game I've played.

No. We don't need pc like graphics. At all.

Maul_T_Pass1396d ago

is it opposite day already?

BiggerBoss1396d ago

What are you even trying to say? The article is saying we deserve a "graphics settings option" which is what you seem to want in your first sentence. Your second sentence contradicts the first

masterfox1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

Hmm I think I agree with this, but this will also are more fuel to the already explosive PC/console comparisons, but hell with it I will have always my bucket of popcorn :D

Benjammin251396d ago

If this meant I could finally play all my console games at 60fps, I'm all for it. I know a lot of people claim games should be optimised for consoles, but most 'optimised' games run at 30fps with dips and usually are sub 1080p. Allow me to play my games the way I want.

PersonMan1396d ago

Wanna play the games the way you want? You need a PC my friend. That's what it's for.

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stuna11397d ago

I agree, but it's kind of hard to deliver that kind of order when your talking about mid to low powered laptop hardware! And this coming from a console gamer. The hardware just isn't powerful enough.

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