House Of Wolves: Bungie Learning From Its Mistakes; Is It Enough To Make Up For Its Lack Of A Raid?

A Short Pause member looks at what's been announced so far for the upcoming Destiny expansion, House of Wolves. It appears that Bungie is trying to make quite a few amends here, which is commendable. However, even though the Trials of Osiris (PvP) and The Prison of Elders (Co-Op) have yet to be fully revealed, the big question is whether or not all of this will be enough to make up for a lack of a raid?

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n4rc1392d ago


raids are great.. but only if they are great raids... crota sucked

we dont need a repeat of that.. made vog relevant again, and brought IB along with it, added both a pve and pvp path so we now have 5 paths to max light

plus the coolest looking warlock helm ever! lol...

im pumped for it

Seraphim1392d ago

my favorite way to describe Crotas End is that it's nothing more than a glorified strike.

One of my biggest problems along with many others I know is that this Universe is more like a world. After you get through the game, the end game, same trivial bounties get old as does constantly looking at the same scenery in the few areas of play. It seems like there's TONS to do and see but eventually it all grows old. Though another big complaint is the lack of weapons and armor along with the fact that once you have acquired it all, if you're lucky enough, then there's absolutely no driving force to continue with the weekly playlists.

Letthewookiewin1392d ago

I actually never do the raids anyway, don't feel like finding people.

joab7771392d ago

Question. I had 2 level 30 characters. Never got the 1st expansion. What are the odds I can compete in new content and get light level 34 items?

If it's based on Queens Wrath, bounties etc. It may be possible and why I may play again.

Conzul1392d ago

You may need some people to carry you a bit at first, but if you have marks then the vanguards will have lvl 33 gear you can probably get really fast.

Vyprstryke1391d ago

I'd guess you'd be ok lol. I've hovered between 30-31 and I do just fine.

Conzul1392d ago

We won't know if the missing raid will be a deal breaker until we can try out Osiris and the Arena. If those are poor or mediocre experiences, then the missing raid will be an even bigger blow.

Personally, I have no impetus to play any of them. Because the last time I ground for endgame rewards for months, I was given a Necrochasm. If bungie thinks they can fool me into grinding hard again (this time with PvP) for ages to get something so trashy, they have another thing coming.

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theFAYEsorceress1392d ago

raids are a pain in the ass to find a group for. i really don't see why it was a big deal that HoW doesn't have one. crota wasn't even fun. like, at all. you basically just played it for the chance of better gear.

Nitrowolf21392d ago

crota was poorly executed IMO

I know you can solo VoG fom what I hear, but that sounds like it takes skills, but Croto was for the most part an easy Solo, which brings me to the next point. Crota raid felt more like your standard horde mode, not much teamwork is really needed, whereas VoG basiclaly forced it from the start to have teamwork, which is why I enjoyed it a lot more.

n4rc1392d ago

impossible to solo vog.. you can solo certain sections including atheon (kind of cheesy tho) but other sections physically require multiple people..

crotas end can be solod tho..

admiralvic1392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )

"crota was poorly executed IMO"

I agree. Crota's End felt like Bungie was trying to make it the opposite of VoG. By this I mean Vault of Glass is more about defending (holding positions, the relic IS a literal shield, most sections were slow and timed, you can't kill all the gorgon and exit, etc) and Crota's End is about attacking (rushing positions, you use a literal sword, most sections were easier if you just pushed forward). By making it all about rushing, something that a lot of people do by default, the raid is inadvertently easier.

The sad thing is that CE could have been an okay or better raid if it utilized the mechanics better. Like instead of having PoC removing your ability to heal, it should have been "Crota's Will" or something, it will appear when the sword bearer dies and it works the same way as Marked by the Void (your screen goes black). The only way to remove it is to hit Crota with the sword and doing it enough times (lets say 7) will remove the debuff. Not that this will make a substantial difference, but it would have made the raid more teamwork based than something a couple of people could easily do.

"I know you can solo VoG fom what I hear,"

Literally impossible. You can duo VoG (three people are needed to open the door in the Gorgon section), but due to design it's not possible to solo VoG.

"but that sounds like it takes skills, but Croto was for the most part an easy Solo"

It takes a lot of skill, but it also leads to a lot of semantics. Most of what makes VoG hard to duo is, like mentioned above, design. The relic can only be dropped for so long, certain sections require covering multiple locations, you need a Sunsinger to survive Atheon, various things will auto wipe the team, etc. CE doesn't have a lot of those things, so it's easier to do, but if you removed the death clock timer on the relic, then VoG really wouldn't be too bad either.

Swiggins1392d ago

I refuse to look at the lack of a raid as a negative until I play the Prison of Elders, for all we know, it could become the most popular mode in the game.

TheDude791392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )

We definitely agree with you on that, and our writer mentions that as well. For all we know, The Prison of Elders could be a completely different, but fricking awesome co-op experience that complements the Raid mode nicely.

nosferatuzodd1392d ago

Anyone who claimed they're not going to miss raid are people who was never good at it are people who suck at it in the first place bungie can suck on this one because I won't spend my money on the this garbage

Swiggins1392d ago

Wow...the air just SMELLS salty around nosferatuzodd.

Nio-Nai1392d ago

I just completed my first raid last night, and honestly I could do without. It was something to do with Crotas sword and a giant eyeball in the sky. And honestly if we hadn't had 2 people sub in who knew what to do we would have never figured the damn thing out, and honestly it was really annoying to do in the first place.

While I do enjoy the game I don't think Raid content is something I'll continue to look forward to.

nosferatuzodd1392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )

Like I said the only people are dont like raid are amature people

Nio-Nai1392d ago

What's that supposed to mean? I've run Raid content in WoW and currently run raid content (*Turns*) in FF14. And I'm sitting with a k/d 1.7 in PvP and constantly run strikes and events with friends. I just do not find that lack of direction in the raid content in Destiny to be that appealing...

FamilyGuy1392d ago

*Slight head tilt*
Long time no see...

Halo2ODST21391d ago

I'm good at both raids but i think the Horde mode might bbe good as well, my only issue with it, is that the horde mode in Bungie's previous games were actually part of the game but with destiny we have to pay for that mode seprately, next we will have to pay for custom games & a map editor

Stapleface1392d ago

I like the new changes coming. I just don't see why we couldn't get this new stuff and a new raid. Make the dlc somewhat worth the price tag because the last one really wasn't. My biggest issue is the release date. I've been looking forward to this dlc and releasing the same day as TW3 complicates things. Not the worst problem to have I guess.

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