Sony exec admits 'we haven't done enough with third parties' for PS1 downloads

Where are all the PS1 games? PSP Fanboy chatted with SCE Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida about the lack of PS1 downloadable titles in America, and he admitted it frankly: "I'd like to see more games on that as well ... we haven't done enough with third party publishers."

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Relcom3747d ago

does this mean i can finally play FF8, i have it on PS1 and computer but both copies are scratched.

CaptainHowdy3747d ago

is that too much to ask? lol

Tomdc3747d ago

ive never wanted to buy any PS1 games off the store. I'd like PS2 games =) that would be kool.

JoelR3747d ago

Yoshida-san, if you see the problem

zypher3747d ago

i just don't understand how such simple logic escapes a high level exec. if they knew they were gonna have a problem getting PS1 games on PS Store, they shouldn't have ever started the service in the first place. dare i say it: Microsoft doesn't seem to have a problem getting classics on Live.

still, i can't complain too much. most PS1 games i want i already have on disc. i'd still like to get my hands on Vagrant Story, Tobal, Lunar SSS and EB, Suikoden 2 and other hard to find classics, which usually carry astronomical price tags on ebay.

jams_shop3747d ago

I bought a PS1 way late in its lifespan so I didn't get to play a big amount of the PS1 games. We should create a list of all games we would like to see(buy) in the PLAYSTATION Store and start a petition so publishers and developers see that people are willing to pay for their games once more.

chasuk083747d ago

We need....

All metal gear solids
All crash bandicoots
All tekkens
All Spyros
All gex games
All tony hawks
All final fantasys
Soul Calibur
All resident evils
All gran turismos
All tomb raiders
Twisted Metal
All WWF smackdowns

And more

kapedkrusader3747d ago

Why do so many people want to play PS1 games still. I know they were good then, but anyone with a TV bigger than 32' knows how badly they have aged visually. I bought Spyro thinking this game looks cool and I can also play it on the PSP. Money badly spent... after 5 minutes I couldn't take it. It is too difficult for me to go from MGS4 or GT5:P to a PS1 game. Come on fellas, it's time to let go. All it does is waste resources that can be used elsewhere, even PS2 ports...maybe.

kalioon3747d ago

beacuse graphics arnt the be all and end all of games. good games are good games no matter when they were relaesed or what they look like.

RealityCheck3747d ago

I agree with you kapedcrusader, I've also tried to play older games lately and it's not the same anymore, the context of time (what was the state of the art back then) and my own age changing, just doesn't jive anymore. People like us have moved on. I'm still ok with PS2 and PSP type graphics but PS1 and most DS games are just too painful for me.

I understand however that some are nostalgic and somehow are able to regress in time and enjoy those games like if they were just released; good for them.

It's just like some people are in awe and still want to ride vintage cars from the 1950s and some people just stick to modern cars :)

gambare3747d ago

you have to add that there are many classics of the PS1 that many people missed, I miss the chance to play Thousand arms in my PS1 and Valkyrie profile and those are some of the titles I really wish to see on the PSN because I can't find them (at least cheap) even on eBay

Dir_en_grey3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

I missed Um Lammer Jammy or however you spell that, never got to play it. And I still want to play it now on my PSP!!

ALSO, instead of releasing Vib Ribbon as a PS1 DLC, they need to REMAKE the game for PSP and/or PS3 so you can use mp3's stored on the HDD or memory stick.

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SSCOOLCHEA3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

I never understood why anyone who would pay 2000 dollars for a brand new tv , a ps3 and surround system to play ps1 games . There are like so many titles you can waste your time on but to play ps1 games .. if you need a ps1 games here is a tip go to ebay and you will find one for maybe 3 to 5 bucks .

Shortstop3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

Plus 10 bucks in shipping.

Sometimes you just want to play a game from the past, nothing wrong with that at all. And much easier to just have it on your PS3 than to have to dust off and hook up the old PS1, if you still even have it.

If convenience can be offered by Sony (for a price of course), why not offer it?

theusedfake3747d ago

a game you already have, but i
love putting the games on my psp
and playing them when i'm at work lol.
definitely waiting for more rpgs

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