PS4 Exclusive Bloodborne's Patch 1.03 Includes Several Unlisted Changes, Fixes and Nerfs

Bloodborne‘s Patch 1.03 was released two days ago, and besides the changes included in the official patch notes, and evident ones like the new loading screens, it included quite a few unlisted changes.

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FITgamer1393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )

I noticed the cannon used more QS bullets. Screwed me while fighting The Watchdog of the Lords in the Defiled Chalice. Thought i'd have two shots, but only had one followed by a click.

vishmarx1393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )

never forget blood bullets while using the cannon
you can get up 5 shots from a full round instead of 2.(not completely applicable now lol)
on the bright side, you can always keep a spare hunters bone without consuming any bullets for every time you visit the nightmare.
also, ive noticed they reduced the tonitrus buff duration

joab7771393d ago

I love my cannon bit it's so overpowered lol.

But they reduced the Call or something else, which needed it.

vishmarx1393d ago

call beyond?
what did they reduce? the arcane req or the qs use?

Jughead34161393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )

Not sure if this is related to the latest patch, but my game has started crashing kind of at random. It's happened 3 times. Once during a boss fight where I was winning. Oh man was that frustrating. lol. Has anyone else had any crashes after the patch?

FITgamer1393d ago

I haven't had the game crash on me at all. Before or after the patch.

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Stsonic1393d ago

Central Yamaha blood vile drops are about halfed now, can no longer farm 20 in 2 minutes lol

joab7771393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )

The best way anyway is to kill Amelia, tall to npc at central Yarnham lamp, get Tonsil Stone. Go to the right of Grand Cathedral, where Amygdala grabs you, and with the TS, you will be brough to a new place.

Walk out the dorr, turn right twice, and kill all the students. Like 13k in 3 min. Then buy vials. Also, they drop bullets.

DragonKnight1393d ago

Nah. Go to Witch's Abode in Hemwick, fight the Executioners and the one Troll. You can get 16 Blood Vials in 2 minutes, plus the Executioners give a minimum of 2500 Echoes up to 3300 if you use the Moon Rune and that other one that gives you more Echoes for Visceral Attacks. As a matter of fact, if you kill every enemy on your way from Witch's Abode to the Hemwick Lamp, you get Blood Vials, Molotov Cocktails, Blood Stone Shards with a chance of Twin Blood Stone shards (from the dogs) and about 18K Echoes.

TWB1393d ago

Or find a nice depth 5 chalice dungeon and you can get like 50k by clearing one hall in 2 minutes. Do that twice and you can fully restock on vials.

Insomnia_841393d ago

So the game went from 10/10 to 11/10.

MasterCornholio1393d ago

So they fixed that glitch in the clinic.

Oh well at least I had some fun with it.

DragonKnight1393d ago

That's the thing I don't like. Environment glitches don't hurt anyone and you can get to Cainhurst quicker. I hate it when "YOU HAVE TO PLAY THE GAME THIS WAY" mentalities are so enforced.

MasterCornholio1393d ago

Well I only used the glitch right before the last boss fight so I know what the game is like without taking advantage of glitches. Like I said I had fun with the glitch but now I'm starting a new character all over again.

DragonKnight1393d ago

I use it to get the Cainhurst summons early because I hate the Forbidden Forest.

MasterCornholio1393d ago

Yeah I agree the forbidden forest was annoying as heck. I hated those snake demon things

MysticStrummer1393d ago

lol The Forbidden Woods was my favorite area of the game I think. I was amazed at how expansive it was. After I killed the boss I didn't level up for a long time because I was just helping people through it over and over.

MasterCornholio1393d ago


Dont get me wrong. I didn't have issues with the area I just hated those enemy types.

The parts of the game where I had the most issues was Central Yarhnam in the beginning and that Nightmare place with motherbrain.

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