Top 5 Rarest Pokémon in Generation 6

HelenBaby writes : "I’m going to begin by saying this list is made up of estimates, albeit well-thought out ones. There is no public list online chronicling what the five least frequently owned/hardest to obtain legitimate Pokémon in the 6th Generation at the time of writing are (although Game Freak almost certainly have such a list internally as it would be easy for them to obtain).

All the Pokémon featured here are banned from the GTS and impossible to get hold of via normal play, which automatically makes them scarce (partly because it gives those with the tools to do so less incentive to clone these Pokémon). Of the banned Pokémon I managed to single out 5 I felt were exceptionally rare, even among this elite list, and provided reasons why they are so elusive. Please enjoy, and do feel free to comment with any thoughts/if you think I’m wrong etc".

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