Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Box Art Leaked Online

The box cover art for upcoming shooter Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 has leaked online.

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venom061393d ago

people are SOOO gullible.. nothing about this was "LEAKED"... it was intentionally released.. c'mon people dont be Activision sheeple on purpose..

NewMonday1393d ago

being on new gen only will be a big drive to buy new consoles, Sony made a great move by getting exclusive marketing rights.

Vegamyster1393d ago

I thought Sony getting marketing rights was just a rumor?

Dlacy13g1393d ago

We will all know tomorrow. NewMonday just riding the rumor train.

ginsunuva1393d ago

Oh my god it's a guy holding guns and squatting as a reference to the first Black Ops' boxart.

How clever and original.

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bondsmx1393d ago

No more EXO. Lol
Hoping it's not the same movement as AW, hoping it's a new style, hopefully better in my opinion.

From the "sounds" of it, it sounds like they are trying to do what "brink" did 5 years ago, but hopefully better.

TheHaloGuy1393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )

Oh wow. It is the same as the last 2 BLOPS. Laaaaaaazy. And I'm gonna buy it 2. I don't think u people understand we continue 2 buy this shit were retarded. (Don't politically correct me.) Buuuuut everyone will buy it anyway. Can't beat em join em and let em lead us 2 the slaughterhouse! Humanity was not meant 4 the mantle! That responsibility was falsely placed by the Precursors. They knew not the idiocy they believed in!

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