Disgaea DS, Disgaea 3, Rhapsody DS, Mana Khemia PSP, Makia Wars and more in the works at NIS America

Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure and Disgaea for DS and Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice for PS3 are already announced upcoming games coming from NIS America (Nippon-Ichi's American arm) but also confirmed in this NIS America interview with the developer is the release of Mana Khemia for PSP and two more titles that are still unannounced, one is surely a PS3 RPG.

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[email protected]3743d ago

Yeah, more RPG for PS3. That's good really good. BRING IT!

BlackIceJoe3743d ago

I was wondering what happened to Makia Wars for both the PSP and PS3. I hope the game does not get canceled because was looking forward to the game. Plus seeing as both versions were to be different just in the same universe made me really like the idea of the game and could not wait to play both games.

Lingonbak3743d ago

I simply just loves NIS