Hirai: We don't do the consumer a disservice by ditching old consoles

Kaz Harai has taken a side-swipe at Nintendo and Microsoft by saying they've done the consumer a disservice by getting rid of both GameCube and Xbox as soon as they released their next consoles.

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BlackIceJoe3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

I wish Sony would do that with the PS3. I know the PS2 is still selling well but to me at least I think Sony should only be worry about the PS3 and PSP. If Sony also wants to care about the PS2 they should keep it in the PS3 also. But at the same time it is nice to see Sony still care about the PS2. But I did buy the PS3 for PS3 games not PS2 ones. So I hope soon Sony will care about getting more PS3 games too. Though it is nice that Sony is caring still about the PS2 at some point you have to move on.

thereapersson3839d ago

At the very least they need a system that can play old PS2 / PSone games...

RacingX3839d ago

The PS2 is such a cash cow for Sony why should they get rid off it?? They're still selling millions of systems 7-8 years into it. ALL PS3's will become backward compatible. When the PS2 does finally ride off into the sunset, Sony will release an upgrade to the firmware that will "unlock" the backward compatibility emulation to play your PS2 games on the cheaper "core" system. Sony just gives you the choice to pay $100 to have it now or pay $100 less and wait for it.

Fishy Fingers3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

Read the full interview, it's interesting to see how the same question can create such vastly different answers/opinions. It's a good read, and much less "controversial" than this small piece of it would have you believe.

Eurogamer actually managed a few good questions to.

Wildarmsjecht3839d ago

Only problem is people dont read articles anymore. They'll read headlines and then you'll see people come in like "OMG FOUL BY SONY!"
or some stupid fanboyistic rant.

People, do yourself a favor. Read the article through it's entirety. It's a good read.

Mike Bowden3839d ago

I thought the whole thing was very boring, lengthy market-speech, tbh.

I like snappy news items telling me the important stuff rather than spend 20 minutes reading something only to find there are about three bits of information worth knowing.

Fishy Fingers3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

Why does that surprise me? *Looks at VG247 author, looks at N4G contributor*

mistertwoturbo3839d ago

Fishy, it's just the way the fanboy brain operates.
React instantly to a headline.
Take words out of context.
and above all deny the above two lol

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Rattles3839d ago

When sony finaly stops surport for the ps2 you know they are gona get hated on thats for sure.

gamer_703839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

I believe that when the 720 comes, the 360 should be at a $199 price point or better, so i believe the 360 will be the PS2's successor. Who's gonna want last, last, gen when they can have a 360 and everything it offers for a very reasonable & affordible price? I honestly see this situation that Sony has over everyone else with the PS2 flipping in Microsoft, and Nintendo's favor at this point.

Rattles3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

but who the hell would want a 360 when you could have a cheap ps3 and blu ray player in one? plus these are the same people who have just had a ps2 for god knows how long, do you realy think they will just move to another hot potato instead of buying another sony console they know will be surported for the long run.

gamer_703839d ago

why the disagree? that's kinda silly when ya think about it! do ya think the PS2's gonna be around for the next 20 yrs! lol!

himdeel3839d ago

...maybe not getting new games and or support but with such a HUGE library of games it's possible to get a PS2 today and have loads of good quality CHEAP games to keep you busy for quite some time. Hell add some casual friendly wii copy cat games as well as motion controller and you have an instantly cheaper hardcore/casual/media player console.

MetalProxy3839d ago

I still play my super nintendo, dreamcast, and my Genesis once in a while. So the disagrees where called for and your comment was stupid.