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Conker's Big Reunion is out for Xbox One, being the first time we've seen anything new related to Conker in 10 years! Let's see how our favorite squirrel has been.

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deathtok1392d ago

Looks fun and if Conker's fans want a full fledged sequel, consider buying this for $5. Microsoft is undoubtedly watching game sales.

TeamLeaptrade1392d ago

I really think this is just a trial run, just to see if there is enough interest in Conker. Though, all I see on the web these days is how people want a new conker game or a remaster of the original game. But I think MS just want to see if the want is really there. That's what I think anyways.

GdaTyler1389d ago

If you guys continue to boycott this you can kiss Conker goodbye. Look, it's the first thing of Conker we've seen in years, and it's actually pretty okay, so please everyone just try it out. Through this it is possible Microsoft can see people still give a crap about Conker. Obviously it's limited, but for a game made from Project Spark it's pretty damn good and it feels like a Conker game.