Videogamer: Rock Band 2 Interview - Harmonix: "Microsoft have been such great partners"

Videogamer writes: "It only seems like yesterday that we finally got hold of Rock Band in the UK (it still isn't available on platforms other than the Xbox 360), but Rock Band 2 is already almost complete. At E3 2008 in LA we caught up with Dan Teasdale, lead designer on Rock Band 2, to find out how rocking has been improved in the sequel, the use of a $300 peripheral and pricing in the UK. Could you explain your role on the game and the kind of thing that you do as part of the development team?

Dan Teasdale: I'm the lead designer on Rock Band 2. My job is basically to make the game fun and to make it a real authentic band experience. So my job is designing the game, writing specifications for people, balancing the game and making sure it's finely tuned and as balanced as possible."

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