Mortal Kombat X Review | NZGamer

Mortal Kombat has come a long way since its first release in arcades in 1992, from 2D arcade coin-ops, to console originals, and the 2011 reboot that hit almost every platform under the sun. Now we’re up to the tenth game in the main series: Mortal Kombat X - and it delivers on almost every front.

MKX’s story spans twelve chapters, taking about two hours to complete. It takes you on a ride to help you familiarise yourself with everyone from Hanzo (Scorpion) to Kotal Khan. You will have to beat the story - or buy the Kombat Pack season - to unlock Shinnock, who you will have to fight with one of the new characters. It’s a good ride, filled with quick-time events, that lets you see where the new characters go after the tie-in comic.

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