An Interview with indie game studio Cubic Pie

An interview with Cubic Pie, the creators of such indie games as Yury, Tactical Craft Online, and the android hit, Matchtron. We talk about Russia, game development and girlfriends. Don't miss this awesome article!

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Yetter1362d ago

Seriously, its not enough to just fall back on a 'charming retro' look, you need to bring something new to the table and from the short video I've seen this game does not

Phudg1361d ago

Since the gaming industry is full to the brim with innovation, we should stop caring about the staples in gaming that players love so much. Or, we can allow people who want to create games go on to create games. We don't tell writers that one poem is good, we don't need any more. Nor do we tell artists that we've already had a painting of a flower, so we're good. In 'this' we base our opinion, that of the creator, and that of the user.