PlayStation Video Store vs. Xbox LIVE Netflix

How do the competing game console's new movie online movie services stack up against each other? Let's examine the advantages and disadvantages of Netflix on Xbox LIVE vs. Sony's PlayStation Video Store.

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PS3ROCKS3841d ago

and there internet movies suck. I never use it. The picture quality sucks. Plus you could always stream netflix movies to the xbox 360.

AngryHippo3841d ago

Judging by your name 'PS3ROCKS' i wouldn't of thought you would say anything positive about netflix seeing as they are now in partnership with microsoft.

Anyway on topic i feel the PS3 version of the video store could be better. I really don't know why, i think i just feel sony's ps3 is more of the multimedia machine and an online video store suites it well especially with all the film studios they have and the success of blu ray. The online downside is EU dont get it until 2009. >=0/

Monchichi0253841d ago

It should be PS Video store versus Live's video store....And live already wipes the floor with them. I mean there are already THOUSANDS of movies, shows and other goodies already available from Live.

Netflix is just icing on the cake! Adding 1000's more movies that will attract mass market consumers.

mesh13841d ago

this article is ajoke xbox 360 has had a video store for months now it should be xbox video store+netflix vs sony videostore

B-Rein3841d ago

Ps3 video store wins easy, ps3 video sotre is FREE to go on, xbox 360 you need to pay to go on (gold membership), also ps3 has better viraety of content already then 360, as well as ps3 has anime

iceman28853841d ago

Using either system for digital distribution is weak compared to just buying/renting a blu-ray or DVD version of the movie/show. If I wanted to not leave my house to watch a movie, I'll just pick something off of On-Demand.

No need to wait for the DL or deal with crappy quality.

Fernando Rocker3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )


Every online service on the 360 is free. Demos, videos, chat, leaderboards, downloads, videochat, etc.

The only missing feature if you dont have Gold is online play. Every other service is free.

FPS nut3841d ago

Netflix onlime movies are high quality and they are instant click and watch (zero download), I think you just told a fib

Chronopath3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )




BTW: PS3ROCKS kid is right most of netflix's 'watch instantly' content is old movies. And only 2 good TV show (The Office - New Radio)

iHEARTboobs3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

I do think the movies available for STREAMING are pretty weak from Netflix. There are a few diamonds in the rough but for the most part they're mostly older movies. While downloading Dexter it did take me a while and quality wasn't that great (but the show was awesome).

Edit: @ chronopath - dude, you forgot about Dexter! That's a great show!

FPS nut3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

B-Rein Live Marketplace has anime LOTS OF IT

Chronopath Netflix has Heroes and a bunch of blockbuster movies, very few of them "old" as you say, here is a link for proof

Monchichi0253841d ago

Obviously you don't know what your talking about since LIVE has had HD since the beginning.

And seriously folks, why are you even kidding yourselves with this arguement. It is BLANTLELY obvious that MS has the better service at this point. Sony just kicked theres off this week...with a handful of titles at most. MS has thousands of videos already, PLUS what Netflix will have coming.

You guys are really showing your fanboyism to Sony by arguing such a pointless topic...

kewlkat0073841d ago

but now they are adding another function to it, NetFlix?

Sony just now, got a Video Store...

vickers5003841d ago

F*ck xbox live netflix AND playstation video store. Piracy FTW!

StephanieBBB3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

"The best thing about the Netflix deal is that if you’re already a LIVE subscriber the service costs nothing extra."


In the preview of E3 the spokesman clearly states that you need BOTH a Netflix account AND a live gold-membership. Not an ordinary silver live subscribtion but a GOLD-membership.

thebudgetgamer3841d ago

for those that say ms service is better cause it has more content thats insanity how long has the xbox had the service? its only been like three days for sonys service and they already have allot of content now i'm not saying its better or worse i don't know that i haven't dealt with both but to say that it has more content makes it better then a service not even a week old is laughable

DeadIIIRed3841d ago

At least wait a few months to start comparing features. The PSN Video store has been available for only, what, two or three days? This reminds me of the PS3 vs. 360 stories that flooded this site after the PS3 launched. Go back and read those comparisons and you'll see just how stupid this all is.

MikeGdaGod3841d ago

the simple fact that you can actually BUY content, have it forever, and copy it to the psp puts the PS videostore over the top for me.

i've already bought three episodes of Afro Samuri, and a few Aqua Teen Hunger Force (my gf hates that show but i love it) and have them all on both my ps3 and psp.

can't beat that

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Vip3r3841d ago

Blu-ray > digital downloads tbh.

pharmd3841d ago

i agree with your statement VIP3R but this isnt even about bluray, just the actual downloads.... personally i wont buy any movies via download but i will certainly rent them that way =D

GodsHand3841d ago

I just wonder about the pricing. The PSN movie fee is to steep for me, when I have other options to get these movies cheaper.

Relcom3841d ago

He is talking about the price to download the movies

FPS nut3841d ago

Yeah and they are is SD only but I wouldn't expect them to push HD DDL when they are still pushing Blu.

iceman28853841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )


sorry...had to clear my throat...

GodsHand3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

LOL, I hear you loud and clear.

@3.1 yes there's a fee, $3.99 for the rental SD, $4.99 for the retanl of HD, and $14.99 for the purchase SD only. I have not seen a HD buy option yet, but I did not go threw each movie. Also $2.99 each (could be less) for episodes of TV shows. I looked at the anime section on the episode part. I can't confirm for reg. TV shows like CSI: Vegas or what ever they have.

FPS nut3841d ago

I been saying that same thing about buy in SD only, but some just live in denial. I been all ove the net and at this time it's just not supported. It makes perfect sinse, why would they push HD DDL when they wan't Blu-Ray for HD standard, it would go agianst Blu. Those fanboys should feel lucky to buy in SD, because you can't on the Live Marketplace.

Figboy3841d ago

here in Los Angeles, a brand new DVD is $19.99.
at the video store across the street, they charge $14.99 for a brand new DVD.

Blu Ray's range in price from $24.99-$34.99 new releases.
at the video store across the street, they are a constant $24.99.

for that $5 extra, i get to watch the movie in HD on my HDTV.

as for the PSN prices, $14.99 to own is saving me $5 on an SD video

and $5 for an HD rental isn't too bad, especially if it's a movie i was so-so about to begin with.

me and my fiance rented Meet the Spartans for $3.99 (SD download), and thank god we didn't pay to see that crap in the theater for $30+ (almost $12 each for tickets, $12 on popcorn, and a few bucks for parking).

i don't really see how you can compare video services when one has been available for almost 3 years, and the other hasn't even been available for 3 DAYS.

all that matters is that the PS3 and 360 offer a video service for those that can't get to the video store (they often close around 9pm here, 10pm at the latest), and want to catch a movie at a fair price.

personally, i'll always buy my movies to own on disc (ie, Blu Ray), but for a rental, a download isn't as bad as i thought it would be, and $3-$6 for the SD-HD rental price isn't god awful, and not much different than what the video rental places like Blockbuster, Hollywood Video, and 20/20 Video charge out here in LA.

GodsHand3841d ago

It's not steep for me, but when I can see an HD movie on direct tv for less, why would I pay more for something I can get for less. I don't have to wait for it d/l. Yes I know it can stream, but that does not always work. Yes DVD's cost $19.99 where I live. But where does the extra $5 goto. Shipping, advertising, packaging, printing?

I know Sony is competting with microsoft, I don't own an x360 so I don't know what price they have there content at. But seeing I have direct tv, which allows me to see a movie for less, im more inclined to watch from there, then on my PS3.

I know everyday people over pay for things all the time. Im just trying to inform the public that you can get the same thing for less. Im not rich, so I always look for the better deal. I give sony my support, but not on everything. I use a samsung tv to watch tv, and play games. Why you ask. The samsung tv was priced way below a reletivly same size/options sony tv.

matchgrade3841d ago


I'd call it a price tag rather than a fee. A fee is something paid for a service. We pay for each movie, but the vid service is free.

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Dark vader3841d ago

When sony launched this video store servcice, it has kinda made my i pod really not necessary. I am thinking of selling it, and just staying with my psp.

aiphanes3841d ago

They have all the studios....and there are more PS3s out there than Apple TVs....and the PS store is way better than most online video stores in ease of use..

Kyur4ThePain3841d ago

The day after the announcement, they had already added a bunch of new items on the vide store.
Hopefully they keep up the momentum.