This New Trailer for Brutal Doom Is Perhaps the Coolest Thing You'll See This Weekend

Modder “SGtMarkIV” has released a new trailer for the latest version of his amazing Brutal Doom mod.

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SharnOfTheDEAD1397d ago

This should get an official release on all platforms. Great work has gone into this, seems more than a mod, more like a sequel.

diesoft1397d ago

From a long-time doom fan, believe me: it breathes new life into a GREAT classic game.

SolidGear31397d ago

Hell yes. Wish this was on everything. Might buy a laptop just for it! I hear the new Doom actually drew inspiration from this.

billybehr1397d ago

Love the third person finishing moves.

Koopdogg1396d ago

Have played this and have to say it was a blast :)