DayZ Creator & Garry's Mod Creator Share Their Thoughts On Valve's Modding Policy

DSOGaming writes: "As you may have guessed, Valve's decision to start charging for mods has been today's hot topic. And while we shared our opinion about this topic, it's time to see what some well known modders had to say about it."

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Nio-Nai1395d ago

Just like I covered in the other posts, other modelers and real people in the industry are for the move.

They may think that 75% going to steam is too steep which may be the case, but paid modding is supported by the people who actually make the mods and the games. The community who wants free goodies are yet again the only ones upset by the idea.

Grap1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

Shut up, other modders already selling their mods who the hell want 75% of their profit cut? that's just absurd. and also Dean already selling his trash(unplayable broken game) for full price.

WellyUK1395d ago Show
Xristo1395d ago

Wow, imagine that! Dean Hall, who already monetized DayZ, agrees with Valve's move! Who would of thought?!

Let's dig a little deeper than the obvious money hungry modders...

How about Chesko? Creator of Frostfall for Skyrim. Here is a quote from his page on Nexus:

"Thank you everyone very much for your outpouring of support. It means so much more than you know.

I have taken every mod I have ever published off the Workshop, and it will stay that way. The Nexus files will remain; in the end, this is the community that has supported me every step of the way. Arissa is currently hidden until we decide what to do.

I have deleted many of my accounts and will be leaving the modding community for a time. I don't know how long.

Thank you again."

Again, Nio-Nai, you are disconnected from the modding community.

Nio-Nai1395d ago

His last mod update was August of last year....

So again, someone who hasn't even been in the active community.

good job.

Roccetarius1395d ago

I'm not sure about Garry, but Dean is not that surprising. I mean, they're already charging for a broken game currently.

Takwin1395d ago

I do not trust or value anything Dean says. He is right in line behind Cliffy B to get an ass kicking.

700p1395d ago

you cant kick anyones ass.

WellyUK1395d ago

It's called Early Access for a reason... You people really are thick as shit aren't you. You don't have to buy it... It gives a massive warning when you load it up and on the store page that the game isn't finished, yet you still bitch and cry.

TheBurger291395d ago Show
Grap1395d ago

what a twat.. it has been early access for more than a year. what kinda of early access is that???... you are deluded if you think it's justified to pay 40$ on it.

1395d ago
Chapter111395d ago

Speaking as a modder, this is a terrible move. As if enough terrible junk didn't already clutter the modding landscape, this is only going to make matters worse. Valve has shown they don't believe in quality control with Greenlight and Early Access, the mod workshop is just going to become another steaming heap.

jdiggitty1395d ago

That's a good point. Steam isn't exactly known for it's support.

Father__Merrin1395d ago

the only game I run with mods is skyrim. things like saturation mod level upbquick mod are these going to be paid

Antifan1395d ago

Of COURSE Dean Hall supports this. He made millions off a broken game, and still to this day won't fix it. The truth is, when some of these talented Modders create a one-hit-wonder, they get sucked into a vertex of greed and laziness. They have no obligation to finish what they started. But I bet if Dean was still a Modder, he would criticize this up and down, left and right, because all those donations would be no more.

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