What We Want In - The Order 1887

Paul James of BGU writes "So the consensus amongst critics and consumers alike is that The Order 1886 is something of a letdown. Despite an early sales surge, the game hasn’t kicked on in a way that Sony would have expected prior to launch and all the social media buzz that the game had built up has completely evaporated. The game hasn’t performed in a fashion that Sony or Ready at Dawn would have hoped, but talk, and a very open ending both suggest a future for the game exists. Changes are required, but there is a brilliant core underpinning the game, so with that said, here’s What We Want in The Order 1887 (or whatever it’s called)."

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Transistor1395d ago

I would be surprised if there was another Order, it sold pretty badly. I could see the engine being used though, depending on their situation with RAD.

It did 571k retail worldwide.

johndoe112111395d ago

The order has sold close to 900k in 8 weeks. Where did you get that false info from?

Transistor1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

Not Vgchartz....

Trust me, it's 571k and it wasn't in the top 40 of this months NPD.

I like the game, it didn't due well.

A word to the wise, Vgchartz has no idea what they are talking about especially on the software side. Their software numbers are not even remotely accurate.

johndoe112111395d ago

You're telling me to trust you but you are showing zero evidence to back up your claim??

Transistor1395d ago

I'm not going to name him cause he's a great source of information. When people start naming NPD sources of information, those sources dry up. NPD is very proactive. It's 571k plus digital which is usually 10% of what ever the retail total is.

Trust me it could be worse, some exclusives people love more than the Order and were highly rated have done much worse.

crazed_shadow271395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

vgchartz shows 810k as of march 21st. Not including all of april and all of digital downloads. It did pretty well.

I liked it, although it did need more gameplay segments.

Although not related, Sunset Overdrive ( a game that was ridiculously fun and had amazing gameplay) sold a lot less. Hope there is a sequel to that.

Lord_Sloth1395d ago

My brother's dog's cousin's owner's ex wife's brother in law said so and trust me, he works for MS!

nix1395d ago

One thing is for sure.

Won't be as bad as Avengers 2. Because that movie was disappointing.

breakpad1395d ago

@lord Sloth..haha +bubble

Transistor1394d ago

Well then, I guess Sony should be announcing 1 million sold shortly then, if you're right.

But they won't because well, I'm right.

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MrSec841395d ago

It sold very well, way more than you said and FYI even at 571K that's $34,260,000, you're quoting launch week sales for the game.

The game's probably sold well over a million units by now.
It's been a very popular game, people close to Sony and RAD have said it's very likely to get a sequel, hell even RAD have said they have a lot more planned for the series and 1886 was basically their introduction to the franchise.

kraenk121395d ago

Game sold more than most XB1 One exclusives actually. Don't know where you got your numbers from. It sold 571 thousand on the first day already.

Spotie1394d ago

Yes, your super secret anonymous source no one else in the industry knows about told you and only you this.

Transistor1394d ago

I never said all that, it comes from Neogaf. I'm just not going to name him. Another person who worked for NPD that was on Neogaf just got caught because they became to known. I'm not going to be the cause of that, sorry.

Kingscorpion19811393d ago

Its only been out for 2 months. I'm sure it will reach a million before the end of this year.

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MCTJim1395d ago

I bought it used and it was not stellar nor was it fantastic, it was in my opinion a decent game..avg at best, but I still enjoyed it, many didn't and the numbers tell the tale. As for the next incarnation, sure why not.

crazychris41241395d ago

Its going to get a sequel, vgchartz says is sold over 800k which is pretty good for a new IP. They have a good foundation to go make an even better game.

TedCruzsTaint1395d ago

I really have no doubt there's going to be a sequel. No, it didn't sell well. No, the game didn't quite deliver.
But, at the end of the day, what we are left with is an expensive, and promising, new IP.
One ready to learn from the mistakes of the original, delivering something truly noteworthy the next time around.

Only time will tell.

Spotie1394d ago

Where are these "didn't sell well" comments coming from?

TedCruzsTaint1394d ago

At best, the game didn't even hit a million. And some seem to even be arguing those numbers.

That's not what I consider good for a very, very highly marketed new IP.

Spotie1394d ago

And this info is from...?

TedCruzsTaint1394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

Well . . . I have to assume you have been reading the comments, and can see that other users have already posted the information. If there are links needed, that seems like their job.

Back and forths tend to bore me, and I only have one bubble after this anyway, so it's not like I'll see the conversation through. I take my leave knowing you know my opinion lol

Spotie1394d ago

So you base your opinion on the unsubstantiated claims of others who, themselves, are as willing to provide proof as you are?

Seems legit.

maniacmayhem1394d ago

No different from you am I right? I mean aren't you the one claiming certain sites are Sony biased based on one or two articles, anyone who doesn't like The Order you accuse of never playing it, anyone who thinks Vita isn't a great machine is only out to troll Sony.

How come you can make these outlandish claims against others with no proof whatsoever but others must provide proof specifically for you?

I mean Bloodborne hit a million and that news was all over N4G. Where's the article for The Order? Can't Slaphappy make a guess just based on the experiences found on N4G?

Or are you now going to curl up and start saying I'm stalking you and your to busy with school?

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