Quantic Dream Co-CEO "Proud" to Work With Sony; PlayStation's Shahid Ahmad Responds "Made My Year"

Quantic Dream is working on one or more PS4 games, even if little is known about what those titles will entail, as the studio managed to keep them under the curtain of secrecy for the most part.

Today Co-CEO and Guillaume de Fondaumière and Sony Computer Entertainment Europe’s Strategic Content Director Shahid Ahmad walked the same stage at Reboot Develop in Dubrownik, Croatia, and they had words of high praise for each other.

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breakpad1396d ago

i dont like Quantic Dreams games ...very cheap movie based

inveni01396d ago

They aren't based on movies.

I think everyone would like to see QD do something a little different. I never got a chance to play BEYOND, and was really pretty skeptical of it at first. Because of that, the poor reviews put me off.

David Cage can be really talented, though. I think it would be really neat if he stepped a little deeper into the pool of traditional gameplay. Not TOO DEEP, mind you. But a little deeper.

pwnsause_returns1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

I think sony will eventually buy them out.

I love the games quanitc dream makes even though they are niche.

I would like to see them make something out of that kara tech demo. It seems they can make an awesome cyberpunk game

Abriael1396d ago

Mmmh I honestly don't know. I used to think so too, but hearing Foundamiere's speeches and his ideas, he seems very rooted in the studio's independence.

_-EDMIX-_1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

Agreed. I'm not really too sure. They also kept the IP to Heavy Rain were as Sony bought the IP to Beyond Two Souls. Maybe they are ok with Sony owning the IP, could be that they would be fine being owned under certain circumstances. Sony has worked with independent teams before, most times owning the IP. ie Ready At Dawn with the God Of War games, The Order, Insomniac with the Ratchet games, Resistance etc.

Its rare that Sony would fund and publish a game to an IP they don't own with Heavy Rain, so maybe they indeed want to be as independent as they say. I'm fully fine with that too as they do great work.

Sharky2311396d ago

The good thing about sony is that they understand they like their independence. They seem to trust in what they do. That probably makes it easy for QD to make the game that they wanna make. In the end it's better for gamers.

Kurisu1396d ago

Look forward to seeing what they come up with next. I didn't enjoy Beyond Two Souls half as much as Heavy Rain but it's clear that they're a talented studio.

Agent_hitman1396d ago

When Sony learned their mistake with PS3, they completely made things right with PS4. And now it's paying off, the devs liked it a lot.

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