Games of May 2015: Xbox One and PS4

A comprehensive list of all announced games with a planned May release for the Xbox One and PS4.

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Jackhass1398d ago

The Witcher III is going to consume my life.

Abash1398d ago

The Witcher III and Ultra Street Fighter IV for me, should easily tide me over till Batman: Arkham Knight and Devil May Cry 4: SE!

ThinkThink1398d ago

It's a toss up between Witcher 3 and the adventures of Pip.

Moldiver1398d ago

Witcher 3 and Pcars are my end of may purchases. taking my car to get serviced tomorrow and I think its safe to throw on the summer tyres.... :). I also have a holiday to pay for!

But I might buy witcher 3 day of release, and get Pcars at the end of may. Im still playing both forzas on X1. And the witcher would be a good way to ride out a month of being broke in may! lol

slappy5081398d ago

Final fantasy and witcher for me, both huge games goodbye life. I also want to play magicka 2 if that's humanly possible

bananaboats1398d ago

Final fantasy as in FF15?

slappy5081398d ago

As in the X/x-2 remaster. I haven't played the ps2 or the os3 version before, I only recently got into final fantasy, after first trying 14 so it's like a new game basically for me

MasterCornholio1398d ago

Your first time playing X?

Your going to have a great time with it. And ignore what people say about X-2 its still a lot of fun.

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