Did you know Mario Kart 8 has a brake button? You actually need it for 200cc

It’s time to relearn how to play Mario Kart 8 for its extremely tough new mode.

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Jackhass1396d ago

Braking and carefully going around the corners is how I used to play racing games as a little kid -- kind of takes me back.

Zodiac1396d ago

You need the brakes for every mode, if you drift corners that is.

ScubbaSteve1396d ago

It kinda boggles my mind. Now, I don't play Mario kart often, but not knowing anything about the new Mario kart I still assumed there were brakes. It's one of those things I expect in every racing game.

deafdani1395d ago

Not really. Up to 150cc, you could run at full speed around any track, with a heavy (fast) character, and nenever apply the brake. Actually, the braking button didn't exist for the majority of us seasoned Mario Kart players... until 200cc came along.

That bit of extra speed is truly a game changer. It's forced me to change from heavy characters to light ones. Now I'm trying to learn how to brake inMario Kart 8... something I NEVER had to do before, and I've put around 150 hours on that game, if not more.

remixx1161395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

Yeah I'm tryna get back into it, I took a "break" from playing. I guess you could say i "drifted" away from it. Now would be a good time to "swerve" back into it", i feel like 200cc is going to have a crazy learning "curve". Hopefully it doesn't "turn" me off from the game.

Any of these racing puns working for you guys??

Still I put a ridiculous amount of time into MK Wii.

Zodiac1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

That's why i said, "if you drift corners" It's not drifting and getting that speed boost if you aren't breaking while doing the corners.

Nodoze1395d ago

200cc is crazy fast and a helluva lot of fun.

This is hands down the best MK ever made. Too bad more people are not playing this. Oh well their loss.

Sgt_Slaughter1395d ago

Looking at the stats is now very important for 200cc.

High acceleration and great handling are a must, at least with my experiences. That way you can brake a little bit less.

1395d ago