Amazon Trade-In Program Offering Huge Savings on PS4 Bundles for PS3, Xbox 360 Consoles

PSLS: Haven’t upgraded to a PlayStation 4 yet? Then you might want to consider doing so this weekend, as Amazon is offering a special trade-in program that can save you a whole lot of cash on a new PS4.

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Wedge191326d ago

Now is the time to buy! People ought to get in on this awesome generation.


Crazy good deal if you have the right console!

kma2k1326d ago

first time ive seen a better deal than what i got last black friday. I traded in my old ps3, controllers, a couple games & got the xbox one for $199 for my son. God knows why the boy wanted it so much, we already have the ps4 but he just had to have that xbox one...his smile was worth it though!

1326d ago
Retroman1326d ago (Edited 1326d ago )

as a old school gamer ps4 has nothing I want to play fps open world games not my thing.
barely turn on my ps3 these days except for GT6,sacred 3,Diablo 3,R&C series and Netflix, surfing the net.

medman1326d ago

Suuurrrreeee...we believe you.