4 Games That Would Make Great TV Shows

Jason says, "We are living in the new Golden Age of TV. Outlets like Netflix in Hulu now let people binge on whatever shows they want without the annoyance of commercials. Additionally, shows like Game of Thrones and Better Call Saul show that the creative minds behind the scenes can produce products just as good as feature length films."

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victorMaje1393d ago

A big Yes to all 4!
A 5th one for me would be Warcraft!

TeamLeaptrade1393d ago

I agree they all deserve to be made into TV shows. Especially Mass Effect, that could be great as a TV show.

OhMyGandhi1393d ago

Mass Effect seems to be the most ripe for a tv series or movie, but I feel that Hollywood would have to approach the franchise in a smart, methodical manner. The problem is, it's a "video game movie" and it's hard for others outside the industry to understand what that really means. We always have a problem when aforementioned quote fills a studio execute's head with ideas. Those in TV and Film should not become immediately inspired when they see those words, it doesn't mean "shallow action, lens flares, and cool poses".