Duke Nukem Trilogy Preview: Duke Heads to WW2, Apogee Talks Possible PC Release & DS Censorship

Shack news: The conclusion of Apogee's recently-announced Duke Nukem Trilogy for Nintendo DS and PSP will see the beloved game icon thrust into World War II--in a game that will, at long last, explain the origins of the Duke Nukem namesake.

"We plan on making Duke the Forest Gump of World War II," Apogee COO Terry Nagy revealed to Shacknews, referring to the fictional insertion of the Tom Hanks-played film character into major historical events.

"It was really Duke that sunk the Bismarck," he explained. "It wasn't the British." The Battle of Iwo Jima marks another historical Duke victory. "[Founder] Scott [Miller] absolutely loved the storyline, claiming that it was 'absolutely Duke.'"

Though the Nintendo DS and PSP releases will both use 3D graphics and share a common storyline, each version will deliver different gameplay scenarios keyed to the platform's strengths and the Duke Nukem heritage.

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