GameSpot E3 2008: Mercenaries 2: World in Flames Updated Hands-On - Nuclear Strike

GameSpot writes: "We've blown up Venezuela in a number of ways since we started playing Mercenaries 2: World in Flames a few months ago. Whether we were using helicopter antitank missiles or running over jeeps with a monster truck, Venezuelan militants foolish enough to stand in our way have felt our wrath. Especially Shaun's wrath, which you can read about here in his in-depth pre-E3 preview. In a brief demo at E3 2008, we unleashed a new form of hell on the oil-rich nation: nuclear.

The nuclear bunker buster is one of about 20 air strikes available in Mercenaries 2, and certainly the most devastating. You call in air strikes in a variety of ways, by using a simple radio message or by dropping a marker at your target area and running like mad to avoid incoming artillery. The nuclear bunker buster is called in with a laser designator tool. In our demo mission, we were charged with destroying three outposts that would then lure an enemy general out of hiding. After taking out the first two buildings with rocket strikes, we decided to spare only the cockroaches in our final attack and laced the building for nuclear strike."

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