PS4 Sales Pass 1,400,000 in Japan, as Momentum Starts to Slow Down

The latest Media Create charts combined with historical data reveal that the PS4 has passed another milestone in Japan, achieving total sales of over 1.4 million. To be more precise, 1,409,143 of Sony’s console found their way to a loving Japanese home.

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spacedelete1394d ago

1.4 million isn't bad for a country where console gaming is pretty much dead.

never4get1394d ago

For sustainable Home Console HD JRPG development, 2,000,000 install base probably needed. 600,000 to go.

SONY, more JRPGs please. Thanks.

breakpad1394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

lot of jRPGs are coming the momentum isnt going anywhere comparison to PS3 which had a bumpy start but succeeded at the end in its homeland and still has good sales..PS4 can be considered exploding success

stuna11394d ago

I agree, the more JRPG's released on the PS4 in Japan, the longer they can sustain momentum. I believe if FFXV releases any time in the near future the PS4 will receive a rather sizable boost in console sales. The same thing will happen when MG Phantom Pain releases.

Magicite1394d ago

FF15 and KH3 release dates depend on PS4 install base in Japan.

jjonez181394d ago

Certain franchises succeed regardless of install base. FF and KH are among the biggest names in Japan.

emilijo7771394d ago

PS4 had good few weeks now is back to sub 20k

HiddenMission1394d ago

That's pretty good for a home console over there.

Bennibop1394d ago

Of course it will slow down that is until the next big release persona 5 perhaps?

HiddenMission1394d ago

That's not what the chart is showing what's being displayed is that title launches cause large sales spikes which is expected. The other piece of info is that between spikes the baseline sales have actually increased.

Just watch as more Japanese centric titles launch the baseline will increase between...its title libraries that increase baseline sales...mmore titles for a region the more incentive for non fans to justify a purchase.

mkis0071394d ago

With all the new jrpgs announced momentum is going to go back up soon enough.

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