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wakeNbake1979d ago

A beta? Thats a first for Call of Duty.

objdadon1979d ago

You're right, that is definitely a first!

SolidStoner1979d ago

sometimes beta cant help.. that future kind Black ops 3 picture is what worries me most.. it looks futuristic and stuff.. if thats the direction they take "with jumps", then its a no buy for sure...

hope for WW2 or Vietnam setting.. at least 1980's with proper weapons, just dont give us those stupid modern age weapons with all that unnecessary unfun autolocking...

OC_MurphysLaw1979d ago

The had a beta for the original COD4:MW. But its been absent since so clearly there are going to be some new things they want to test out and balance this go round.

Also love seeing its next gen only...

Parasyte1979d ago

Actually, there was a beta for World at War.

MetroidFREAK211979d ago

There was a beta for Call of Duty 4 as well back in early 07

whitesoxfalife19761979d ago

Yep world at War was the first and only beta by treyarch til now. To me this is a good sign of good things to come for blops3 can't wait of course I wanted to get it digitally only but I want that beta.....

Moldiver1979d ago

"There was a beta for Call of Duty 4 as well back in early 07"

I was on that beta! I had halos beta at the same time. And I remeber telling my R6:vegas and gears playing buddies...."this COD4 is gonna be a big deal, you know?"

I dont think I actually had any Idea how big it was going to be. I would be happy if they just remade COD 4. The best cod there ever was.

Blaze9291979d ago

Yes. Watch it be an open "beta" 2 weeks before the game comes out. A very useful dem- ehh, beta.

IVanSpinal1979d ago

Without Dedicated Servers no buy from me

TeamLeaptrade1979d ago

I remember World at War had a short beta. I think that was the only one to ever get one too. I really wonder why they stopped doing betas.

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Saryk1979d ago

Out before Battlefront 3!

RJ920091979d ago

Is it this gen only? I hope so let last gen die already lol

MegaRay1979d ago

Only beta. Full game will be for all systems, including PSTV lol. I mean this is Activision we're talking about here.

RJ920091979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

well I still have hopes lol and the vita really? Mm I'm loving kill zone on it love the more arcade feel on it and touch screen knife attack is bad ass. Edit my bad read vita but now saw u said pstv lol

UKmilitia1979d ago

another game held back.
devs should leave last gen to get more to buy new consoles and make dev easier,cheaper and faster with better results

DivoJones1979d ago

They probably won't pass up on the $$$ from last-gen consoles. But I agree, new releases that accommodate last-gen will suffer, and everyone gets the short end of the stick.

RJ920091979d ago

I'm so sick of last gen holding us back plus my friend one make the jump from his ps3 and 360 tell they stop making cod on them lol

StormLegend1979d ago

So no last gen? This has made my day if true!!

Mizikiel1979d ago

Don't get your hopes up. It just says the beta will be on current gen.

crazychris41241979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

Nov 6 is a Friday, its always a Tuesday release or like last year the day zero came out Monday. Maybe its a Day -4 bonus. Oh well doesnt really matter nice to see they are doing a beta, just hope its months before the release so they can time to implement the fixes by launch. Hate when companies release "betas" a couple weeks before launch.

Immorals1979d ago

Friday is UK release so maybe it's that?

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