Sonya Blade finally feels like a real character in Mortal Kombat X

Gamesradar: "I can't think of any other video game that lets you play as a 40-something mother. Ok, yes, there's The Sims - but no one in that virtual dollhouse comes close to the toughness of Mortal Kombat X's Sonya Blade, who can break people's skulls with a reverse headbutt, chuck grenades, throw her enemy from a handstand, or call in a drone to divebomb her opponents (and that's just her gameplay)."

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Articuno761393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )

I've only watched the cutscenes but I felt the game did a great job of painting most of the characters as three-dimensional interesting people. I forgot I was watching a videogame because I was engrossed in the character relationships. Kinda surprised myself cos I never figured MK had such a strong story/characters.

Also this article gets props for not just whining and actually saying something constructive for a change. Points taken off for still including whining.

Soul Calibur V also tried to do a "the new years" style reboot and failed hard, delivering less likeable clones in place of established likeable characters, where MKX actually ages existing characters convincingly.

CernaML1393d ago

I felt the same way, which is why it feels really weird going into the actual game and tearing these characters to shreds. lol

DragonKnight1393d ago

Right, because you often see middle aged women in the Special Forces going up against gods and monsters.

Sonya was a real character before. Problem is, certain people have conditions on what a real character is, and if those conditions aren't met it's "problematic."

Sonya has always been a strong woman in the series. In fact she's the longest lasting woman in the series. Why people can't recognize how she's always been and instead harp on "progress" as defined by certain people is just dishonoring Sonya.

CernaML1393d ago

Yeah I really don't get this article. She was always one of the most important characters in Mortal Kombat. She was especially badass in the movie.

TricksterArrow1393d ago

In the game yes, in the movie, no. Case in point, she fulfill the role of damsel in distress later on by having her arm bent to her back... Silly.

DragonKnight1393d ago

In the movie she kicked Kano's posterior. She ain't no damsel.

TricksterArrow1392d ago

@DragonKnight Watch NostalgiaCritic's review on this movie. You'll understand what I'm talking about.

Anthotis1393d ago

Gamesradar to be added to the SJW list.

Enigma_20991393d ago

... but they STILL f****** up Liu Kang.

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