Tony Hawk Got Bad When It Got Big

Polygon: "The first few Tony Hawk games were nearly a religion in my neighborhood growing up, and that level of worship was made possible due to their design and welcoming nature. Here is your board, there is your playground and this is the stopwatch. Now go do something amazing.

Capturing that feeling, that open door, isn't just possible. It's necessary if the series is going to be relevant again."

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hiredhelp1393d ago

I agree here the best days was psx ps2 days mainly psx..

ps4gamer19831393d ago

Yearly releases didn't do it any justice either

hells_supernova1391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )

WAit you had a psx? Were you living in Japan? Didn't think they released it outside of Japan. Oh wait you are referring to the playsTation 1? Then call it ps1! Sony made a psx it is not the ps1

Dasteru1391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )

People were calling the slim PS1 the PSX for years before that japan exclusive monstrosity released.


PS DVR = https://upload.wikimedia.or...

hkgamer1391d ago

it is annoying that people are still calling the original ps psx. i mean that adding an extra letter or syllable to ps.

however you didnt really need to catch him out like that and you dont have to live in japan to get a psx. i do agree that we should stop it with the psx though, it was a prototype name.


no one ever called the slim PSone psx, we always called that. PSone. we called the original ps psx because of the codenames it had before. just because we been calling it wrong all these years doesnt mean that we should carry on calling it that.

5yb5n6u1391d ago

well, i remember my local gaming magazine called playstation by psx, in 1999 and playstation 2 as psy at its release (i remember it clearly as 1999 was my first time owning a gaming console)

Dasteru1391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )


Where i live, everyone i knew called the slim PS1 the PSX. They used both PSX and PSOne interchangably. The original model was just called Playstation or PS.

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hiredhelp1391d ago

Yeh my bad here in UK we called is psx for short.

jreeves821391d ago

It was actually best played on Dreamcast. It had the best graphics and also the movies.

elninels1390d ago

Movies? Color me intrigued.

holysmokesbatman1391d ago

I much preferred the Dreamcast version, 1 + 2 were my favorites in the series.

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hkgamer1391d ago

ive only played 1&2 and wasnt good at it at all.

im guessing that it had to do with level design. as games evolved through the generations, level designs took a more realistic approach.

Scatpants1391d ago

It got bad when it got Activisioned. Which basically means being run into the ground.

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