Nintendo Plays Japanese Version of Xenoblade Chronicles X in American Stream

Although Nintendo of America was heading up the stream and the entire event was in English, the gameplay that was shown was from the Japanese version of the game.

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ValKilmer1397d ago

Damn, guess this means a western release is still a long ways off...

Neonridr1397d ago

the fall isn't that far off.

Yi-Long1397d ago

Blame all those gamers who hate subs and demand English dubs.

Game could have been out already with the original Japanese voices and English subs.

vishmarx1397d ago

theres no one to blame if people want to play a game in the language they are comfortable with. just becaue you prefer reading subs doesnt mean everyone else has to and that theyre being unreasonably whiny .
its a game.stop getting so worked up over a few months of wait

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1397d ago

Yeah sure, let's blame the people who have no power to control this.
While we are at it. Wanna blame the poor for world hunger?

Big_Game_Hunters1397d ago

For a long JRPG like this i prefer it dubbed if dubbed well even thoug I watch most of my Anime subbed. Of corse i would gladly play it subbed if it meant playing it in 3 days. That isn't the issue though. The issue is lack of efficiency by NOA.

AndrewLB1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

If you haven't played the original Xenoblade Chronicles on Wii (or Dolphin emulator like I use), then I highly recommend you start playing it since it's a very long game if you do a substantial number of the side quests. I'm guessing i'm around 75% of the way through and have played around 100 hours.
Btw... I highly recommend playing the game using Dolphin on PC because there is a high-resolution texture pack available and the emulator allows you to render at a far higher resolution than vanilla Wii. I've got the internal resolution at 4x native and additionally have the rendered at 3840x2400 via nVidia DSR.

"Blame all those gamers who hate subs and demand English dubs.

Game could have been out already with the original Japanese voices and English subs."

Perhaps you didn't get the memo, but you just can't dump a japanese script into google translate and call it a day. Japanese is so vastly different from any western language that localization has to be done the old fashioned way, by actual skilled linguists. There are a lot of subtleties in Japanese that don't even have corresponding English counterparts. Throwing the script to a large localization team isn't the answer either because it can really screw with a character's persona. I don't know when they began the translation work for Xenoblade X, but if it's anywhere near as large as the original, just the script in text form can take a year or more, followed by all the voice acting.

Big_Game_Hunters1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

Seriously some dumb*ss sh*t. NOA must think we are stupid, do they not realize we can see the japan directs? Then they pull this bull and give us a direct with footage we have already seen. At least they did the treehouse.... but i didn't watch it so i don't see half the world before the game comes out in 5 months in the states. Seriously how do they handle localization? Do they really not start translating untill the game is finished?!? Because square Enix has a FF15 demo with english VA and that game isn't even half way through

Neonridr1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

and how big of a studio is Square compared to Monolith Soft?

just curious..

Big_Game_Hunters1397d ago

Except monolith doesn't do the english dub, neither does square. Square hires a dubbing company, Monolith has NOA. It isn't Monolith's fault only NOA.

Ck1x1397d ago

You guys can whine all you want to, but the Tree House stream actually showed off more parts of the game that we hadn't yet seen in previous Tree House streams. Also describing the game as a mix between Metroid and Zelda is a pretty good cross of what players can expect from this game.

Big_Game_Hunters1397d ago

I'm not even complaining about the stream, i'm sure it had plenty of content. I'm upset about how long it is going to take to come west.

Dunban671397d ago

Nintendo has ZERO sense of urgency re the Wii U and North America-

They delay Zelda indefinitely with no E3 update now it looks like they may struggle to get Xenoblade out in 2015- They have been using both those games to generate interest in the Wii U since the 1st Nintendo direct in Feb 2013

Nintendo should change its name to Mirage