Halo 3 Trailer Dissection

Like a useless appendix yearning to be free, Bungie's latest Halo 3 trailer deserves dissection, and some form of explanation of its purpose.

If you believe (remember - these are the same peeps that heart bees), then the clip needs no explanation, as it is only meant to tease. But one would be foolhardy (and just a plain 'ol fool) to think for a moment that elements of the snippets won't show up in Halo 3.

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combatant4337d ago

I think that Master Chief takes the place of all old super heros. He's so much more, "bad as$".

Schmitty074337d ago

When he runs straight forward into that huge groupd of brutes and wraiths it reminded me of how fearless and awesome the MC is.

SlaughterMeister4337d ago

they'd better not show master chief's face in the game, or in any game for that matter.

his anonymity is one of the things that make him so universal.

it'd be just like when kenny took his hood off, and he just looked like some kid. everyone was just like "yippity-freakin-do"

96impala4336d ago

im hoping that, this game is gorgeous, but also runs smooth, and able to have alot going on at one time, no buckling or weird little glitches.