Blizzard Wins Warcraft Bot Battle

BBC Tech writes:

It brought the case against MDY Industries claiming its WowGlider program infringed its copyright.

An Arizona district court has ruled MDY does infringe Blizzard's copyright but not in the way the game maker claimed.

WowGlider controls characters in Warcraft so they kill enemies and loot them automatically.

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war340k5318d ago

Wow, obviously the person who read this and the 10 people who passed this article failed to read it thoroughly since anyone can obviously see that the TWO PARTIES are NOT ABLE to GET THE JUDGE to SIDE COMPLETELY with them. The final decision will go before a Jury according to the person who wrote the original article. Whoever posted this has absolutely no taste, skims reads, has a short attention span, and could possibly just wants to "grind" (haha a pun) as many points as possible judging from his track record (the amount of approvals he made is ridiculous). Anyhow I am also saddened by the individuals who approved this without reading it properly. Please gamers do the world a favor and AVOID this article.

ry-guy5318d ago (Edited 5318d ago )

Oh wow.

Hm, I now have to defend myself because I'm an active manager & contributor? So sorry. I'm just helping out since it is E3 and I'm tired of watching stories sit in the pending queue.

Anyways, obviously you have no grasp of the American judicial system.

Round one is deciding if this case will go before a jury and that much appears so. So, in fact, Blizzard has in fact won round one since they are the ones seeking the lawsuit.

Your failure to assume that the case was closed (even though the first line of the article clearly states that this is just round ONE) is evident in your ability not to have a strong reading comprehension level.

Furthermore, it adheres to the standards that N4G has for articles and it was not written by me but it entirely accurate. I did not choose the title, and yes the wording is a big foggy, however in the end the article is accurate.

Before you criticize publicly, maybe you should privately message the poster and discuss it with them.

Why don't you go be more vocal about articles that truly do not contribute to the gaming community. Perhaps, go after the recent Wii Fit topless girl? Or the Wii dildo attachment? Why not go after those articles. Then perhaps we can move on to articles in this vein.