Amazon announce new PS4 & Xbox One pre-order sale

Dealspwn: "Amazon are throwing a PS4 and Xbox One promotion this weekend that grants you a discount if you pre-order two games from a wide selection of titles including Just Cause 3, Star Wars Battlefront, Rainbow Six: Siege and The Division."

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Crimzon1401d ago

I don't think preordering EA & Ubisoft games is a good idea.

LAWSON721400d ago

Yeah because it cost so much to preorder a game there (free)

Dlacy13g1400d ago

No I think it's more because you show support to developers who have consistently let us down with downgrades and issues in the past few years.

gbonez1400d ago

I agree. Pre ordering does no good. You give these publishers your money long befote release of the product. More or b less guaranteeing them your business. So months before the release of the game they are sitting on millions of dollars before its even done being worked on. This leads to problems in the game industry and this is why publishers andndevelopers fall short on promises to their customers.

Back in the day youd pre order so you would be guarenteed a physical copy of fhe game. You could go a week or more not having access to the disk or cartridge to play a new game. I remember having to call best buy, target, walmart and toys r us to see if they had a copy on the store shelf. Pre ordering then was a good thing. But with gaming today you dont need to do that anymore.

Today what so we get for it? Some digital bonuses that dont super effect the game? (Nor should it, i dont want my game modes to be sold separately - looking at you dying light) sure some of the physical stuff is cool ansld I get why someone would want that but over all it does the gamers more harm than good.

Keep the bilion dollar companies guessing if its going to be a good sale or not. Let the developers deliver on their promises to us and not short change us just to get the game out ad "fix it later"

Farsendor11400d ago

If some bad news releases on the game the consumer can cancel anytime. I don't see a problem with Pre orders.

matt1391400d ago

New? lol it's been there for ages.