Nintendo backs off of bringing Super Nintendo games to Wii U


Bad news for Super Nintendo fans: your Wii U fix is about to dry up. Nintendo's Virtual Console, the download service offering older games on its consoles and handhelds, has never had the most robust selection. With Nintendo turning its eye towards N64 games, though, SNES releases are being left behind. According to Natsume, a publisher with a plethora of SNES games primed for re-release, Nintendo is done with 16-bit for now.

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RmanX10001397d ago

I'm sure they'll come back to it at some point. I think it's a bit early to jump the gun and say they're done with SNES VC just because one company doesn't have their games on it right now.

Concertoine1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

But why would Nintendo prevent other publishers from profitting off of their classic titles? I would buy Pocky and Rocky in a heartbeat. It doesnt take much for them to profit when these games cost like 8 bucks.

RmanX10001397d ago

I don't know... I'd buy it too, and it's extremely dumb to not let them put it onto the VC. But I think just claiming they're done with SNES is a bit rash right now.

N4g_null1397d ago

Wow you all got trolled by a dead publisher. Snes games are coming out next week lol. Anything to hate the wiiu huh?

gamingpro1397d ago

Gud, as much as I love all Nintendo consoles, I'm ready for some n64 and GameCube games

curtis921397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

Wouldn't you rather have more new games to look forward to? I swear everyone talks about how this is the 'remastered' generation... but nintendo's been doing that for generations. And they're not even remastered, just re-releases. But I guess that's okay because nostalgia always wins with Nintendo.

themonado1397d ago

Are you trying to say that they can't put old games on the e-shop while also making new games? Seriously?

LOL_WUT1397d ago

One of the main reasons why I bought the system was for its VC i hated the idea of using emulators. After the Wii U I'm done supporting this service ;)

XXXL1397d ago

I'm with you I'm tired of nintendo's idiotic decision making.

StevenSeagul1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

The younger people would think they look too old to play anyway, while the older people are likely still playing them on emulators on their PCs and wouldn't pay for them.

Xof1397d ago

A lot of older gamers bought a Wii just for the Virtual Console.

You'd think Nintendo would be working hard to make the VC service better on the WiiU since they're having so much trouble with new games, but I guess not.

InTheZoneAC1397d ago

yup, my primary reason for buying the wii/wii u was for VC and a few select first party games.

bit-crusherrrr1397d ago

Why nintendo dont have their entire back cat out for the nes, snes and 64 on the wii u is beyond me, make emulator release roms. done. easy money.

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The story is too old to be commented.