State of Decay Year One Survival Edition Visual Analysis: Xbox One vs. PC

Undead Labs' open world title returns from beyond the grave.


In order to avoid any confusion, the PC version in this article is the original version of State of Decay. In this way we are able to show the improvements that the developer has implemented in the remastered version.

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Dlacy13g1394d ago

wow... they really did step this up from the PC version. I expected it to be near identical but textures and effects like the waterfall really show improvement on Xbox One.

traumadisaster1394d ago

I've been playin this at 4k since last year, I need to know what the new PC version adds.

nikrel1394d ago

I might get this once it goes down to 5 bucks.

This is the price Previous PC owners should have paid 5 bucks.

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1394d ago
Hard8times1394d ago

So the original version is the PC version and the new one is xbox one I was confused for a minute either way the game looks terrible IMO

mkis0071394d ago

confused me as well, they are not comparing both YOSE versions. The xb1 is the YOSE the pc is the original release.

Somebody1394d ago

I was also confused but couldn't definitely say what happened. The Xb1 version has smoke from overturned trailers and some dusty wind swirling around whereas the PC version showed none of those.

Something's not right here.

mkis0071394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

I have my pc yose paid for already, not really in a position to regret seeing how I only paid 11 for the complete original version. 30 $ total for both version due to discount on steam for owning the original.

I aM sure all the effects are in there From the xb1 version of yoso.kind of odd to compare the old game when the pc is getting the new one too.

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The story is too old to be commented.