What Microsoft Does Not Want You to Know About Netflix Streaming

TG Daily's Samantha Rose writes:

Earlier this week, Microsoft and Netflix announced that movie streaming will be coming to the Xbox 360. This could be a big deal. But if you are really interested in watching Netflix content on your Xbox, you don't have to wait and you don't have to pay twice. If you have an Xbox 360 and a Windows Vista PC, you have everything you need to stream Netflix movies already.

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juuken5319d ago

I knew all along there was an easier way to stream movies from Netflix without the fees of gold membership. they amuse me by the day.

GodsHand5319d ago

As long as people are willing to pay for it, Microsft will keep charging, even if some people know how to get it without the fee.

TheColbertinator5319d ago

I did'nt realize this.Mainly because I am a hardcore gamer who goes online to play resistance(ps3) or cod4(360) or something.

TheXgamerLive5319d ago (Edited 5319d ago )

There would "NOT" be any fee's on Xbox live for Netflix movies.

It's easy to prove this, watch the friggin conference video.

Ya know what else cracks me up, all these fake wannabe sony b1tch girls posting on an Xbox thread, never fails does it.

Spin spin away girls.

captainjy5318d ago

Oh geezus, you Phonyites are constantly reaching for anything. Most people barely know how to turn the computer on let only setup a stream through their PC. Get real. And what you are really missing is that you can't share a movie streaming through your PC on Live like you can through the integrated service. And on top of these two things, it's just not as cool to stream through your PC. I have a Vista Media Center and configured my 360 as an extender and could have streamed Netflix, but why go through the hassle and bother, especially now that it's right on Live. You get what you pay for, as you POS3 people know with lagville POSN.

Stop posting this garbage and worry about your pathetic Dome and Trophies.

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truth for gamers5319d ago (Edited 5319d ago )

What about for the people who don't have Vista or a PC?, this is a stupid article

The Wood5319d ago (Edited 5319d ago )

i totally agree with 'truth for gamers'. The truth is MOST people who own consoles own a pc but not all of them have wireless or have their pcs in the same room as their consoles

xJxdOggyStYLe5319d ago

is idea how it got approved and should be taken off

KillJoi995319d ago

First off this is old news. Second of all no one is stupid enough to have Vista, or if they do its very likely that their computer will/already has fried or they have simply downgraded.

JsonHenry5319d ago

This is a no brainer. But how many people have a wireless setup and vista? Not too many that I know of.

gta_cb5319d ago

.... obviously you havnt used Vista SP1. yes i have used both versions of Vista, i had problems in the first day when using the original version. but now been using SP1 for about 3months and everything was and is working fine.

Megatron085319d ago (Edited 5319d ago )

I dont remember MS saying that you needed a gold account to use netflix I'd be very surprised if you did need a gold membership cause you never needed one before to buy anything off the marketplace.

Even if you did most people have a gold membership anyways to play games

iHEARTboobs5319d ago (Edited 5319d ago )

This is from the Netflix site:

"What are the system requirements to watch movies instantly on my PC?

You must have a computer running Windows XP with Service Pack 2 or higher, or Windows Vista; Internet Explorer version 6 or higher; Windows Media Player version 11 or higher; an active broadband connection to the Internet; 1.0 GHz processor; 512 MB RAM; 3 GB free hard disk drive space."

Netflix is cool and all but some might be disapppointed in the quality of selection if you are in fact receiving the same selection that has currently been available. It is nice to have, although I wouldn't suggest buying a membership to LIVE just for this.

Edit: Yeah, disagree and hide. Good job.

deeznuts5319d ago

"What about for the people who don't have Vista or a PC?, this is a stupid article"

Then this article isn't for them, get it? When it says, this is for people with Vista PC, well if you don't, then ... drumroll ... article isn't for you.

See how that works? Now run along and play.

player9115319d ago

Sure you can do a lot of things streaming through to a Vista machine but that doesn't make any difference with the netflix alliance.

The point of the new Netflix support is to have it directly on your 360 console and cycle through movies in your que. All you need is a netflix subscription. Who cares if you can hack it and slash it to work in some other, more complicated major.

Plus why stream a stream?

The Netflix support is to allow movies to be delivered without them having to shell out 2-way postage. It is a win-win-win.

My wife and I rent a few movies at least once a month. I own a 360 with Live Gold service. We've discussed getting a movie subscription to blockbuster or netflix... but haven't really moved on it. But after the announcement it is a no-brainer. We rented 2 movies the other day and it was $9.50 or something. That's a month's worth of movie downloads with this service.

And to the above: Live is free, you only pay for the Gold Service. So every xbox with an internet connection can still take advantage of this.

There is absolutely no negative side effect to having this new addition.

Thugbot1875319d ago (Edited 5319d ago )

This is a completely stupid article because Microsoft never said it was there service. They said it’s a partnership to offer Netflix, services through XBL. In addition it would allow for purchase of more movies for those that didn’t have Netflix service. I guess it’s out of the question to ask people writing or approving articles to have common sense.

@You don't need Vista to watch Netflix online...

umair_s515318d ago


uie4rhig5318d ago (Edited 5318d ago )

tbh i like the deal, but why only for Gold members? i mean you have to pay netflix members ship aside from the gold membership its just stupid.. and this article speaks truth, but its a nobrainer so stupid article, also you dont need Vista per se to use netflix, XP works fine..

but also i have got my personal netflix which is free, and works on my PS3 and if i had a Wii, it also worked on a wii.. it's called Veoh and YouTube and a gazillion other video sharing websites :)

so i think both this deal, and this article are the most stupidest things of its kind...

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Truplaya5319d ago

what? So instead of getting an xbox update i could buy a PC, Vista Premium, cables to connect it to my HDTV and get a netflix account?

What is this article on about? A PC with Vista and cable is gonna cost more than a 360, plus you probably cant invite friends in to watch the film with you.

i love how he says "I personally have been streaming Netflix movies for a while now, and I pay nothing for it, except for my Netflix subscription." (but what about your PC, copy of Vista and a cable to go to a HDTV in your living room, what that all free too?

gaffyh5319d ago

If you've ALREADY got a PC with Vista, it's not gonna cost you too much. And pretty much all new PCs come with Vista...

joemayo765319d ago

I think truplayas point is that the writer is makin it sound like its cheaper to do it this way, yet the fall update will be free to download as well. So i wont have to pay for anything either this fall (given the obvious NetFlix membership) However me personally won't be using this feature. Just commented to get across the message across (that hopefully) Truplaya originally meant.

Although the intent of the writer i guess was to highlight a potential ability of the xbox 360 that many probaby dont know, the way the writer went about it is ridiculous, sounding like a pompous prick.
(although im not too sure if u NEED to have gold to use netflix on live)

THIS JUST IN!!! Guess what, who needs a console when u can play PC games on an hdtv with a vga input, all u need is a GOOD pc with a vga port out (or laptop) and a vga cable. :/

tada!!! u can now enjoy half life 2 or Crysis on a 60" Bravia :|

kingme715319d ago

Yeah, because it is just so easy for the casual market to setup the vmcNetflix plugin and integrate it with their Media Center before streaming it to their 360. For the technical, not so hard, but MS is making a play for the casual market who just want to click a button and start watching. They don't mind paying for convenience.

HateBoy5319d ago

Good comment, bubbles to you, though you don't need any... Tech guys always asume everyone 1) has all the components needed for "the smart and free" way of doing things, and 2) that everyone has the knowledge to use those components. One has to remember that most people with an xbox 360 or ps3 never ever visit these kind of websites.

kingme715319d ago

Lol... thanks, I'll give you a bubble back :)

I always do an acid test. If I think my mother can do it, then it is casual, if not it's too hardcore. My mother has a snowballs chance in Hades of setting it up via a PC.

Funny story (although way off topic). My mother brought me her laptop and said it is just dead, just powers up and resets. She said she dropped a paperclip into the keyboard, but couldn't figure out how that would break it, especially since she had this great idea and used a magnet to scan over her keyboard and pulled out the paperclip within minutes :O

Ok, that was probably way way off topic :)

chrisnick5319d ago

"It’s a prime example of a corporation merely taking advantage of the public with an attempt to charge for something that should be available to customers for free."........AGAIN.

Kleptic5319d ago

I don't use Netflix, my wife and I have total access from blockbuster...but I would assume you can do this on the PS3 too right?...i stream video from my PC to the PS3 all the you could stream a Netflix vid too I would imagine, although I don't know the codecs for Netflix downloads...

but crap I didn't know MS was charging anothef fee for this...I thought it was just cool if you had a netflix account you could now access it through your XBL account...getting rid of the middle-man (the PC)...this is total crap...can't say I am surprised though...

bosels115319d ago

It surprises me not - This has been Microsofts MO since Bill Gates started the worst company ever started.

captainjy5318d ago

Kleptic, your wife should leave you because you are obviously very uninformed. MS isn't charging anything more on top of an Xbox Live Gold membership and you obviously have to have a Netflix account. See, when you have over 20,000 items in market, unlike the POSN that has 12 items, it's worth the money. And quite honestly, if you can't afford $3 a month or less for gaming, you shouldn't own a console. It's just that simple.