Formula Fusion is WipEout Reinvented

Marcus Estrada writes: "Antigravity racers (AG racers) used to be an incredibly hot genre. And then, out of nowhere, they suddenly dried up. The biggest genre mainstay, WipEout, saw its releases dwindle to once every few years, with the latest in 2012. By then it seemed that the edge had worn off. Formula Fusion is looking to reboot the AG racing genre, and they're doing so by taking on much the same path that WipEout originally tread. For one, they've got musical artist Tim Wright (better known as CoLD SToRAGE) back on the soundtrack alongside Dub FX. Anyone who played those past games knows that so much of the experience was racing to awesome soundtrack."

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theXtReMe11395d ago

I'd be up for a game like this. But basically, from what Im reading, what they're asking people to do is fund a demo(that supporters could play), so they can shop it out to bigger publishers. At which point, if they found said publisher, all of the people who funded the project would be screwed out of a full copy of the game.

I'm not sure that any publisher would take a chance on a game like Wipeout in this day and age. Even flight combat games have been put on the shelf, because the sell through numbers aren't high enough to warrant the funding for a multimillion dollar project. In order for them to get a publisher, this game would have to be something special that they would take a chance on.

I'm going to watch this project closely, hopefully something more will come of the Kickstarter campaign. A promise of the full game if they find a publisher or get enough of interest to fund the entire project through kickstarter. But I won't put any of my own money into it, unless I know there is going to be a final product that resembles a full game. $30 for the promise of a demo, is a little much.