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EB: NetherRealm has always been one of my favorite studios thanks to its Mortal Kombat franchise, and it remains so after putting MK X through its paces. The tenth entry in the franchise has a fantastic story that makes for a better Mortal Kombat movie than the two live-action films put together. There are plenty of modes to keep you busy for months at a time, and the Krypt is easily one of the best instances of it in the franchise.

The visuals aren’t mind blowing, but they’re not shabby either, so the biggest technical issue with the game is the unreliable Faction system. Outside of that my only complaint is the ridiculous number of moves each character has to learn, but in all honesty, that’s more of a me thing than an actual fault with the game. There’s absolutely no reason to pass on Mortal Kombat X, especially if you’re a fan of the franchise, or just love a solid fighting game.

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TenBensons1394d ago

This must be the BloodPorn that Shuhei Yoshida was referring to all those months ago.

FrogSpork1394d ago

Love the game, nothing quite like MK.

HAMM3RofBUDDHA1394d ago

Agreed, I would love to have MK and MK II remade in HD.