Metal Gear Online Free And Paid Expansions Released

Today's PSN update will feature the Metal Gear Online "Gene Expansion." It will come in two varieties, starting at $11.99. The basic expansion will add Meryl and Akiba as playable characters, and three new maps:

* Coppertown Conflict -- Wide streets, underground passages, and rooftop areas that are ideal for close to medium range combat.
* Tomb of Tubes -- An intricate labyrinth of underground passages that are ideal for close to medium range combat.
* Virtuos Vista -- An outdoor map with natural terrain that is ideal for medium to long range combat.

In addition, there will be a new "Survival Mode" and you will be able to create a custom female character. For $14.99, players will also get an additional character slot.

If paying money doesn't suit your tastes, Konami is still adding free DLC to the Metal Gear Online experience today. Metal Gear Online will also be updated with MGOnline Reward Points and an in-game shop. By playing the game, filling out questionairres and winning tournaments, players will earn Reward Points which can be used to unlock new gear for your character. This will be available for all players of Metal Gear Online.

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jkoz3745d ago

I think it's about time I started playing this game!

sinncross3745d ago

i wudnt call that free dlc in all honesty

SantanaClaus893745d ago

$11.99 or $14.99?

Konami is ripping people the **** off.

Old Snake3745d ago

Yea charging for extra character slots? Come on Konami give me a break

DavidMacDougall3744d ago

Yeah this **** should have came with it , there is only one map i "played" the damage is ****ing stupid and the tinyest bit of lag gets you killed . Single player rawks tho !

Dir_en_grey3744d ago

Unless you didn't think MGS4 was worth every penny.

They could've sold it as a different game with everything included, but part of it came with MGS4 for people to try out and see if they like it.

You don't have to pay if you don't like the game or don't think it's worth it then.

Chronopath3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

this honestly isnt that bad... you got an awesome game. with a starter pack for online. So basically i dont mind paying for this aslong as this is the only one ill ever have to buy.

at least they're giving us more then what COD4 did for 10 dollars... And no one really complained about that expansion's price...

sticky doja3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

What were there like 4 maps? I would not pay for the game by itself unless it was around $20.00. They should have included this "expansion" with the original game. If not it at least shouldn't cost that much money. Its only been a month since the games release and now they want an extra $12-15. I'll pass till its free or significantly reduced in price.

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ExLivingGhost3744d ago

You can use the reward points but you cannot earn the points unless you buy the expansion

San anto3744d ago

Just as it was getting slightly dry, time to rack up some reward points.

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The story is too old to be commented.