The top 8 Apple Watch games at launch

Not all of the Apple Watch games are iPhone ports.

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ColManischewitz1394d ago

Glad to see devs already working on games for a new device.

mikeslemonade1393d ago

Boo.. Don't support this crap. If you buy these games that means you want AAA games to die.

marloc_x1393d ago

*how dramatic*

we had games on watches decades ago..

JeffGrubb1394d ago

I'm glad this has games to actually give it a purpose to people who spend money on it before putting it in their dresser drawer forever in two weeks.

midnightambler1394d ago

I reckon the killer games are going to be totally out of leftfield.

Kingdomcome2471393d ago

It's hard for me to envision playing on a watch. I'm curious as to what kind of ideas people will come up with.

Germany71393d ago

Nintendo NX will be actually a new Game & Watch.

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