Bloodborne Load Time Comparison Video: Update 1.03 Drastically Reduces Load Times

Video showing the improved load times for Bloodborne after update 1.03.

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tazmeah1393d ago

I didn't mind the load times (I used them to simmer down a little, which in turn kept my DualShock 4 in one piece!), but for those who are impatient or hate loading screens, it sounds like your ship has arrived. I'm glad From Software were able to accomplish this in relatively short order with no impact on the games performance.

TheDude791393d ago

I'm right there with you, the load times weren't an issue for me, but I'm glad it's been improved anyways. I'm more so happy that they cleaned up that nasty bug where the bosses AI would dumb down considerably if the game was left on for long periods of time.

NewMonday1393d ago

anybody do a demonstration on loading post patch + having a solid state drive?

TheDude791393d ago


I have a Hybrid SSD, so I'll be happy to try it out when I get home later on. I'm not sure what kind of HDD Ben has in his PS4, but I will update this post and the article with that info and as well as my results with a Hybrid SSD.

dantesparda1393d ago

Is it just me or does the framerate look rougher on the post-patch once it reloads than on the pre-patch? Watch it closely.

NewMonday1393d ago


yes pleas thanks, at least to confirm if the loadtime cut stack

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eldingo1393d ago

glad to see they have shortened the load times and put info on them so that when you do wait you at least have something to read while doing so.

The7Reaper1393d ago

Wow the loads were cut in half big time

Dlacy13g1393d ago

NOW that is a great comparison of the load times. Well done to the site and good news for Bloodborne players.

TheDude791393d ago

Thank you for the kind words, I just wish we had more pre-patch footage in different locations, but I think it's pretty obvious From Software came through in the clutch with this one!

oIITSBIIo1393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )

Good job, though it's still slow for someone used to SSD.
Time to get back to the game and finish it.

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The story is too old to be commented.