Exploring Grand Theft Auto V’s Possible DLC Options

Grand Theft Auto V, the pinnacle of the GTA series has gotten consistent multiplayer content since September 2013, and RockStar has been pretty good at upholding their end of the deal on the MP front (other than heists, but we did get it eventually), but what about single player? Single player is arguably the best way to play GTA 5 with so many different ways to play the game and an awesome story to go with it. GTA IV gave us two pieces of SP DLC including TBOGT and The Lost and Damned, we could only expect the same with GTA V. Based on GTA V’s Story, we speculate what could be the most logical (and insane) possibilities for future GTA V DLC.

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DanielGearSolid1398d ago

Until they add dinosaur survival GTA V will never reach its true potential

SegaGamer1396d ago

GTA 4 had proper DLC. It was content that wasn't already created and ripped out of the original game. I would be fine with this kind of DLC. But anything else like, more cars, more weapons, more clothing, i am completely against.