The Witcher 3 or Batman Arkham Knight - what will be your game of the year?

"Ultimately, these are the two games that I feel have the most potential to be this years best game. Both have been delayed on a number of occasions, but I genuinely believe that it was for the greater good; to make the game everything it can be and to provide fans of both series with a stellar experience at the end of it all. Are there any other games that you think will be your favorite?"

In this feature, Gamespresso's Steve provides his opinion on what could be the two best games of 2015.

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DarkOcelet1394d ago

Both will be excellent, i am sure of that. But the GOTY for me is MGSV. That game will suck so much of my time that i might fail the next semester. I played over a 200 hours on Peace Walker on the PSP. And this here is trillion times bigger so i will most likely spend over 600 hours in it.

mattritchiegspresso1394d ago

Good shout! (About MGSV being GOTY, not failing your semester). :)

vishmarx1394d ago

MGS V easily.
im a huge rpg and batman buff and stealth isnt even my favored playstyle and i mostly despise guns as weapons.
but MGS. Hands down.
it had a motherf*** flaming whale swallow a chopper .

mikeslemonade1394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

The game of the year race is Bloodborne > Witcher 3 > Batman > MGS5.

MGSV won't win because Konami got a bunch of problems, Kojima making 5 different versions of the game, and MGS hasn't been great since MGS3. This is just blind faith by MGS fans to think that it will win GOTY. I give MGS5 a 5% chance to win. Not even MGS4 won GOTY.

Sethry1011394d ago

I think I will wait until I have actually played any of these games before I decide my GOTY.....

BiggerBoss1394d ago

For me it will be MGS5> Witcher 3> Batman AK.

All 3 will be incredible games though

cpayne931394d ago

Same for me, but persona 5 and bloodborne may top those three. Great year for games, too bad uncharted 4 and zelda got delayed.

Oh, and maybe star fox will turn out great, but it's hard to say when that game is even coming.

umair_s511394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

MGSV has my vote, open-world head implant espionage and action

Edit: Pre-ordered both Witcher 3 and MGSV, but I think MGSV will have darker tone

Bansai1394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

No way, while it will be darker than previous mgs games, Witcher games always were pitch dark with a little of gray, the world will be in war, racism, murders, betrayals and who knows what is going to happen over there.

So while I'm fckn hyped for MGSV, no way in hell it's gonna be darker than a dark fantasy game.

As for the news, well it's gonna be either MGS or Witcher, will decide when I have actually finished both.

umair_s511394d ago

I guess we will have to play both of them and then decide !

_-EDMIX-_1394d ago

MGS as a series as always had a very dark tone in terms of concept of how the world is. The Witcher series is on a much smaller scale where as MGS is on a world wide scale.

From nano machines controlling the world market to all out threats of nuclear winters. MGS has a much more real darkness to its concept then the Witcher. Love both series, but MGS has always had a much more reality to its darkness then the Witcher.

I left Witcher 1 feeling great about the...I leave playing an MGS scared about the world lol.

Fantasy darkness and military darkness are not really the same thing and MGS's darkness is a real possibility, I don't got to sleep scared of Drowners coming to get me, but I'm damn well scared of a nuclear holocaust......or a METAL GEAR!

cpayne931394d ago

I hate to admit it but I'm still mildly butthurt about the whole hayter ordeal. Still, i'll be getting the game day 1. I also played the crap out of peace walker, my second favorite mgs actually.

BiggerBoss1394d ago

I loved Peace Walker too. Mother base building, fulton-ing, etc is part of why Im so hyped for Phantom Pain lol

Takwin1394d ago

Bloodborne is #1 as of now. It will certainly face challenges from The Witcher 3 and Metal Gear Solid 5.

When all is said and done, my best guess is:

Witcher 3
Metal Gear Solid 5
Xenoblade X
Batman AK

That top 5 will be life-consuming and amazing, and small things could jockey one of them up or down the list, since all could be 9.5/10 quality games we might not ever forget.

generic-user-name1394d ago

I agree, MGSV will likely be mine too. As for the article, Witcher 3 and Batman would be doing well to top Bloodborne.

Magicite1394d ago

This year got way too many great games coming still, Its way too early to call GOTY, but I predict, that Bloodborne, Witcher 3, MGS5, Batman AK and maybe The Division will be up to candidates.

starchild1394d ago

Hmm I'll know the answer to this question at the end of the year and I've played all the best games. This year is packed with great-looking games.

Gatsu1394d ago

Same here Ocelet :), MGSV:TPP is what I have been waiting for a very long time. The other games will be fantastic for sure, but the anticipation is nothing compared to what I feel of TPP :).

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ArchangelMike1394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

The Witcher 3 for me. I loved the first two games, read the books etc. But Metal Gear Solid V will be a very close second, and then Batman Arkham Knight.

I have to say though, none of us have actually played these games, so there is stil a chance - however small - that they won't live up to expectations, or may even have game breaking issues.

All I'm saying is, lets not get too carried away naming GOTY just yet. Anyway at the moment Bloodborne holds the crown for me. :)

FreakOrama1394d ago

Awesome games, but I'm going with The Witcher 3.

Transistor1394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

Articles like this are so pointless, big games are coming out this year that haven't even been announced officially.

mattritchiegspresso1394d ago

Read the article and you'll find that I did mention that.

hello121394d ago

Witcher for me love games like this. Skyrim and Ender Scrolls were awesome.

Batman i played before i get bored playing it after a while.