Kazunori Yamauchi: More Prologue, no GT5 soon, GT PSP still coming

We somehow managed to get Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi to slam on his brakes for a moment today and talk to us about his flagship racing franchise. According to the Polyphony Digital boss, his studio is focusing a majority of its efforts on Gran Turismo 5 Prologue. In fact, he confirmed that the proper, disc-based Gran Turismo 5 might not even roll out before 2010.

thereapersson5842d ago

Come on guys! Another year and a half?

wolfehound225842d ago

I wouldn't say delay I don't remember them giving a release date. And they did release Prologue not that long ago. And they are supporting that game with updates coming, so just chill.

CNIVEK5842d ago

Apparently not. In Alan Wake's case, it doesn't need a release date, to have been CANCELLED. :O

Dir_en_grey5842d ago (Edited 5842d ago )

There's still a lot that needs to be fixed and a lot room for it to be better.
Just keep them free updates and improvements for prologue coming and I would actually rather wait instead of getting a game that's not MUCH better than prologue.

GTTV needs to be free though, they are gonna charge $$ in Japan but I hope they won't in US and Europe. I think for the first month they are only charging 10 yen (10 cents) a show in Japan, it needs to be kept that way instead of like 300 yen ($3) a show =)

Oh yeah and they need to add support for G25, full real support instead of just supporting the weak ass cheap wheels.... I spent sh1t loads of money on a Playseat and G25 just for this...

@1.4: Grid's a arcade racer, but yeah it's a good game and Codemasters' got my respect. Dirt was more fun for me though except for the stupid lack of real online VS, but still the best compared to 360 and PC versions nevertheless.

sonarus5842d ago

Its not delayed. 2010 is too far though. When it releases as the greatest sim racer of all time, the time will have been justified.

I just want damage update and friend invites for the mean time. They can keep cars and track updates for full GT5

gaffyh5842d ago

Damnit, that is bad news about GT5, although I won't mind as long as the game is good. I can see that in GT5 they are trying to make it as great as possible.

mistertwoturbo5842d ago

Jebus 2010 huh. 4 years into the PS3's lifecycle. Forza 4 will be out by then lol.

C'mon, by then the game better be in 1920x1080 resolution.

Proxy5842d ago

I thought the G25 wheel was supported seeing as there is a full section dedicated to that wheel along in the options? Whats the deal there?

Oner5842d ago


Oh yeah and they need to add support for G25, full real support instead of just supporting the weak ass cheap wheels.... I spent sh1t loads of money on a Playseat and G25 just for this..."
The Logitech G25 is absolutely supported by GT5P. I only use my G25 & Obutto Chassis to play GT5P.

thePatriot5842d ago (Edited 5842d ago )

rest of the poliphony is just testing all the cars and driving arround the world colecting track data and stuff. Thats what happens when you love your job (I dont know how Insomniac does it) u want gt5? get a job at polyphony digital
I sure hope psp2 is backwards compatible.

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khellendros15842d ago

This is absolutely ridiculous. This is one of my favorite franchises but they are slow as h@ll. I know they have a lot of cars to build but how about leaving out some of the dumb cars. I don't care about having cars with 60 hp in a racing sim.

KingME5836d ago

The problem with GT5 is, other games like Ferrari, grid, etc. are coming out or have come out and the makers of GT5 keeps returning to the drawing board trying to make it the best. At the rate they are going, the damn game may never release, and by the time it does, no one will care, or the driving sim genre will be so saturated, that it will only sell moderately.

Cocozero5842d ago

Another delay what a surprise

Bnet3435842d ago

Woah, till' no GT5 till 2010? That is a kick in the balls. My heart goes out to the GT fans. You guys shouldnt be treated to $40 demos. That's just unfair.

Altis15842d ago

Cut out the sh1tty cars! Just give us the good ones and ship the game next summer. I don't think anyone wants to drive a Pinto at Daytona.

Kaneda5842d ago

Then you will only have Prologue 2.. it will still not be GT5. Full game take time..