Review: ‘Tropico 5’ (PlayStation 4 Edition) – Little Slice of Paradise | Examiner

Joe McCallister of Examiner:
"‘Tropico’ as a series has always been a light-hearted take on the city management genre, with injections of revolution, communism, and the opportunity to be your own little totalitarian dictator if so desired. The last entry in the series, ‘Tropico 4’ introduced the series to the modern age of gaming with some impressive visuals and solid mechanics that made the experiences of building an island paradise (whether for you or your people, certainly not both) quite enjoyable. ‘Tropico 5’, as a whole experience, doesn’t look to reinvent the wheel as much as the previous entry, but rather add some tread to the tire and teach the driver some new tricks."

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JoeMcCallister1396d ago

It was a bit surprising how much I liked it even on the console controls - I loved 4 and it just did all the right stuff to push forward.