Women & over 45s show greatest area of growth...

Gamers aged 45 years old and over have bought more games over the last four years than any other age group in the UK, with Nintendo games a key driver to the growth.

According to new findings from TNS Worldpanel Entertainment, the older gamer group has seen a 41 per cent growth in computer games bought for personal use, compared to just 10 per cent for the total market.

In addition, sales of video games to women for their own use have grown by 67 per cent, while sales to men have increased by just four per cent.

The research also showed the over 45s market brought an additional £81 million to the market least year and women now account for 15 per cent of video games bought for personal use.

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Yo Wassap4334d ago

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Sorry...yeah, i believe Nintendo is reaching a LOT of new ages.

Yes, i'm a little pissed off that they abandoned the hardcore gamer...but hey...we got Metroid...who can complain? Oh, that's right...the MS fanboys on the PS3 forums...forgot about that!!!