PSP is getting Trophies and a friends list

Dutch website reports that in an interview with Shuhei Yoshida, president of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios there were a couple of questions asked about the future of the PSP and what we can expect.

When he was asked in the interview if we can expect a friends list and a PSN ID soon, he answered: "That's the plan."

And that is only the beginning in another interview producer from Buzz! The Master Quiz accidentally started talking about Trophies on the PSP. And when they asked if we also can expect Trophies, he answered: "Check back with us later"

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ape0073745d ago

psp is getting better and better

sinncross3745d ago

Ever since it was said that PS3 could be getting trophy support i said that they should add it to the PSP.. another incentive to have a PSP over a DS.
ANd the friends list and PSN ID is something i've wanted for a long time now.

Though they better make it so that it synchs with your PS3 account.. so my psn works for both psp and ps3, then get that PC service going so that I have a dedicated page telling me of all my friends and trophies and such.

oh, and trophy support for loco roco, MGS: Portable Ops, and FF7: Crisis Core through patches will be appreciated :)

good time to be a sony owner ppl!

Kingsora3745d ago

I doubt we will see patches for PSP games, I suppose we will see trophies for Super Stardust PSP version and hopefully locoroco 2 and Patapon 2 and ow yeah also for Buzz and Resistance Retribution of course ^^

Dir_en_grey3745d ago

Trophies for Monster Hunter 2nd G!! And have 3D Trophies in HOME so I can display all the armor and weapons I made in Monster Hunter.... Make it happen!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.