E3: Mega Man 9 trailer

Gamersyde writes:

"The rumor was right, and Megaman 9 has been announced at E3 for Wii Ware but also PSN and XBLA. And surprise, it's using the sprites from the old NES games, and it looks like it will be a really challenging game."

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ItsDubC3747d ago

The old school Mega Man tunes are far more catchy perhaps because of the limited sound set IMHO, and the gameplay is basic yet challenging. I'm so hyped for this game.

champ4203747d ago

the game is being formatted to fit wide screen HD tvs. If not I'll probably take a pass. Plus this game should be out already. A game of this caliber should not take but a couple of months (maybe not even)to develop give todays current state of games.