Update: Rockstar Has “Taken Steps to Remedy” Poor Customer Support

GamersNexus: "Following publication of our investigative report that outed inexplicably poor call center performance, Rockstar reached-out to us with redoubled efforts to resolve uprooted support concerns. Yesterday's feature piece primarily highlighted a hangup policy – support agents claimed a “requirement” to hang-up on phone-in customers immediately after reading from a script. This occurred upon calling for status updates on tickets, which were consistently met with the same response."

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DanteVFenris6661399d ago

Well why would you need to contact rockstar in the first place.... I'm sure there not concerned in the very few if any call. And people do its ussually just bitching which in sure rock star has better things to do

SnakeCQC1399d ago

People's rockstar accounts have been compromised.......

DanteVFenris6661399d ago

OH WHAT REALLY??? so what? hahahaha. Unless they have there credit card info which i have gta and havent needed to do that.

Gran Touring1399d ago

Because something like 3000 accounts were hacked and those people cannot play the game.

SunnyZ1399d ago

Yeah, what is with that?
Why only a few thousand accounts?

If the database was properly compromised surely they would have gotten more accounts than a measly few thousand.

I just think these fools were phished with fake links asking them to sign in.

Sure, they still need support, but how can you support people who blindly follow links and enter their sensitive info.

Lon3wolf1399d ago

3000 accounts were accessed by information from other sites i.e. using the same password/username on a few sites. Rockstar maintain they have no breach their end, time will tell if that is the case but seeing as the number accessed is small compared to the amount of users registered this is quite plausible.

spacedelete1399d ago

you do know Rockstar just send you automated replies right ? i asked them pleny of times if they have any plans for GTAV DLC and just reply "thanks for the suggestion" over and over again.

pompombrum1399d ago

Ask stupid things, expect stupid responses. You really think they are going announce DLC by telling their customer support employees?

1nsomniac1399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

Despite how great they are at creating games. Rockstars customer service has always been the worst. I don't really see that ever changing unfortunately.

comebackkid98911399d ago

Rather they take steps to support poor Remedy

WizzroSupreme1399d ago

They should really just think about training their people better.

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